Monday, September 5, 2016

Shaker Heights Public Art (9/5/2016)

Monday, September 5, 2016
Happy Labor Day!
A walk in our neighborhood area to see some of the public art found in Shaker Heights, OH.
Avalon Orchard Fence (2011) by Stephen Manka
at Avalon and Kenyon Roads is meant
to invoke windswept flora and shepherds' crooks,
allowing plants and flowers to show through;
the fencing decorates a corner of a pocket park
And yes, there are apple trees in the park (10/23/2016)
with apples (10/23/2016)

We had no idea what this was! Turns out it is the fruit of
Corylus avellana/Common Hazel tree
Trumpet Flower (2011) by Mike Moritz,
in a pocket park connecting Shaker Commons
and Kenyon Road; the whimsical sculpture
is meant to "bring color to a snowy day and
add vibrancy to a fun-filled summer"
There are four of these sculptures at each corner
of Winslow Court at Chagrin Boulevard:
Reeds of Light (2008) by Stephen Manka,
are inspired by wild grasses
One of many aluminum Metal Banners (2007) by
Gauri Torgalkar, along Chagrin Boulevard at
Shaker Commons and Shaker Towne Centre;
they feature custom designs depicting
activities in the neighborhood
Another Metal Banner on a streelight
Grist Mill (2005) by Stephen Manka, consists of six blocks
along Chagrin Boulevard at Shaker Towne Centre; these
sandstone blocks bear the markings of being cut at the quarry,
with one face etched with designs inspired by mill machinery,
in reference to the historic grist mill that was run by the Shakers
The Colonnade (at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building),
site of summer concerts and other community events
Kingsbury Building (1926-1927, designed by
Walker & Weeks in Tudor style) was one of
the earliest commercial buildings in Shaker Heights
Railway Dream (2015) by Rachel Slick are designs on the
Lee/Van Aken RTA rapid station, influenced by Craftsman Style
architecture in Shaker Heights and inspired by "the beauty
of trains and machinery in the age of industry"
Another set of designs down by the train platform
Shaker Heights City Hall (1930, designed by
Charles Schneider in Georgian Revival style)
An RTA rapid train on the Van Aken/Blue Line
(it is tilting on the curve!)
A sun dial in a pocket park on Chagrin Boulevard
between Hildana and Ludgate Roads (it is about 2:30 pm)
Master Marr's Taekwon-do Mural (2015) by Shaker Heights
High School students Samantha Butler and Megan Jones
as their Senior Project, using paint donated by Sherwin Williams
Cloud Monoliths (2015) by Stephen Manka
at Lee Road and Lomond Boulevard;
the block is carved to show a silver lining
"of a cloud that is anchored to the ground
for viewers to investigate and experience"
Saturday, September 10, 2016
Winslow Road bracket (2011) by
McKnight & Associates, this one holds
the Historic District sign
This bracket hold a hanging flower basket
Monday, September 12, 2016
Colorfield (2013) by Mark Reigelman II,
on Onaway Road at Van Aken Boulevard
Three-sided posts are painted a different color on each face, resulting in varied appearances depending on viewpoint. The installation serves as the gateway to the Ludlow area, and as representative of the racially integrated neighborhood.
Another view
Yet another view
The Ludlow Community Association also commissioned a similar art installation at the Cleveland side of the neighborhood.
Colorfield (2013) by Mark Reigelman II,
on Hampton Road at S Woodland Road
The red view
A mixed view
Although Shaker Square is in Cleveland, it and its surrounding neighborhoods have been considered the gateway to Shaker Heights, and are in part "administered" by Shaker Heights. The children attend Shaker Heights schools and I saw that The Shaker Heights sanitation department was collecting trash and recyclables in Shaker Square.
Shaker Square is surrounded by beautiful old apartment
buildings, like this one on Hampton Road at S Woodland Road
Larchmere Book Mural (2011) by Gene Epstein,
on Larchmere Boulevard on the side of Loganberry Books;
members of the community suggested book titles that
were then photographed and compiled for this photo mural
Larchmere Bike Racks (2013) by Tom Hubbard; these sculptures
reference Larchmere's history as an arts and antiques district,
with racks shaped like one of five classic wooden chair-back styles
A couple more chair-back styles of bike racks

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