Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Trail in Bedford Reservation (10/29/2016)

Saturday, October 29, 2016
A new trail was opened in Bedford Reservation a little over a week ago; the Forbes Crossing Trail. Some of the wood used was from downed trees, and a portion of the wood was processed at the Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville sawmill.
Autumn colors are late this year
on the Forbes Woods Ridge Trail, where
nature has taken over the old Forbes Dairy
One end of the new Forbes Crossing Trail
between Forbes Road and Hawthorne Parkway
A Dolichovespula maculata/Barefaced Hornet's nest
Dew drops
Leaf-covered stream
Fall leaves and bracket mushrooms 
One of two fiberglass trail bridges
with Gus and Kent
Trying to find more autumn colors
Kent and Gus on the curvy boardwalk
What?! With all these bridges and
we still had to ford a stream!
A log bridge
Woody vines
Two different burls
Gus and Kent on another trail bridge
A polka-dotted maple leaf
The "Claw" reaches out of the ground...
The entrance to something's home
Puff mushrooms
A wheelchair accessible picnic table
at the Forbes Woods Picnic Area
Back at home, the Blushing Bride Hydrangeas
decorate the large green-glass sake jar
from the Grandparents Ss
Yikes! Kent found two of these snakes with
viper-looking heads: one in a window well, and
 one while raking the back yard; this is a juvenile
Storeria dekayi/Northern Brown Snake,
about 15-18 inches long; apparently juvenile snake
necks are skinny and make the head look triangular!

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