Monday, January 16, 2017

IceFest (1/16/2017)

Monday, January 16, 2017
I was the only one to have a holiday today on Martin Luther King, Jr Day. I took the RTA Rapid train to the waterfront, and surprise, no fare was collected!
I have been unable to photograph one of my favorite Inter|Urban murals along the train tracks, and had to grab one from the website.
Language as a Boundary (2016) by Faith XLVII
I followed the crowds towards the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Noted the Arch C Klumph Memorial (1992); he,
among many other achievements, founded the Rotary
Club of Cleveland, was president of Rotary International,
and conceived the idea of the Rotary Foundation for
"the purpose of doing good in the world"
The Long Live Rock art installation (2016)
at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1993, designed by I M Pei)
The Splice Cream Truck travels throughout the neighnorhood of
Collinwood selling ice cream and recording personal stories of the people,
a project about Collinwood History by Ben Smith
I was here for the IceFest, sponsored by the district of North Coast Harbor, located between downtown and Lake Erie.
IceFest logo with the planetarium of the
Great Lakes Science Center in the background
A (electric?) guitar
Each supporting sponsor has a custom ice sculpture,
like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
A fish representing FishCLE for Free,
which provides limited fishing gear on the
state-wide weekend of free fishing each year in May
Posing with a penguin
Posing with the Trolls
IceFest is traditionally held on Martin Luther King, Jr Day
Looking through the back of the MLK, Jr ice sculpture;
plastic inserts are used for emphasis and color
A canine
Details of the canine's head
The NFL Cleveland Browns
Sculpture representing Namasté, a summer
event where yoga classes are held Tuesday
evenings in Voinovich Bicentennial Park
The NBA Cleveland Cavaliers with an ice sculpture of
the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy
There were at least 23 ice sculptures on view.
A couple more ice sculptures being made on the premises,
this one looks like Olaf, the snowman from
the Disney movie, Frozen
Looking back at the Great Lakes Science Center
Climbing apparatus, I guess!
The Sound Bench encourages interaction
Voinovich Bicentennial Park with a memorial (1996) to the former
Cleveland mayor and Ohio Governor George V Voinovich,
who was instrumental in Cleveland's "Renaissance" in the 1980s
View from Voinovich Park to Cleveland's harbor on Lake Erie
I need to work on taking selfies!
Floor mosaic (1996, by Angelica Pozo)
of the RTA North Coast Rapid Station
The southern half of the floor mosaic
A typically gray day, but at least it was above freezing in temperature! Fine for an IceFest!

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