Friday, March 31, 2017

Paris to Swiss Alps: Mainz on Our Own (3/31/2017)

Friday, March 31, 2017
After the guided tour, we had time to explore on our own.
Contemporary architecture on Grebenstrasse (KSS)
Doors within doors within doors, of the former Arnsburg Monastery
and now the site of the former seminary's library (KSS)
Nasengässchen/Nose Alley
Leichhof #1 half-timbered house with oriel windows
We were standing in a small square that I thought should be Kirschgarten, and while we were examining a map, a man stopped to help. I mistakenly said we were looking for Kirchegarten, and he directed us back to the market. No, I meant Kirschgarten! Oh, it was just around the next corner. Vielen Dank!

So this was the view of Kirschgarten/Cherry Garden Square
with its "romantic timber-framed houses"!
One of Kirschgarten's fountains (KSS)
Another fountain
Zum Aschaffenberg (15C),
the oldest preserved house in Mainz
And the main Madonnenbrunnen/
Madonna Fountain (1932, in Neo-Baroque style)
A petrified stump (of an oak tree, not a cherry tree!)
and a corner block of the house Zum Beÿmberg (1472) 
Schönbornstrasse #13 (1881-1883)
Leichhof-Brunnen/Fountain (1980 by Heinz
Müller-Olm) depicting five figures from Mainz history:
Roman legionary, bishop, patrician, architect,
and perhaps a university professor
Johanniskirche/St. John's Church (9C) oldest church in Mainz,
and only preserved building from the Merovingian,
Carolingian, and Early Ottonian eras
A shopper takes a break
Richard Wagner Denkmal/Memorial (1970) was a
gift of the Schott Publishing Company of Mainz, which
had published the score of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen
We returned to the Viking Hild in time for casting off and lunch.
Another specialty cookie: Nussecken/"Nut corners"
Nierstein with St Kilianskirche/Church of St Kilian (1776)
Weingut/Winery Louis Guntrum and vineyards with a bit more green
Mistletoe is prevalent along the Rhine River
Power plant near Biblis
Pegelhaus/Water depth station in Worms
In the afternoon there was a demonstration of making Flammkuchen, like a flatbread pizza that could be sweet or savory depending on toppings.
Flammkuchen/Tarte flambée with Quark/soft curd cheese (not to be
confused with cheese curd!), Alpine cheese, Speck/pancetta, and onions
We missed the talk on Discover the World of Viking because we were waiting to pass the BASF plants in Ludwigshafen.
BASF - where is the "We create chemistry" tagline?!
The plant went on for kilometers and kilometers
Loyal BASF alumnus
BASF crane
Police station, police and fireboats across the river in Mannheim
Solar farm in Mannheim
Dyckerhoff, a former employer
The Pegelhaus/Water depth station in Mannheim
gauges the depth of the Rhine River here at 2.55 meters
Jesuitenkirche/Jesuit Church (1733-1756) in Mannheim
The Pegeluhr/Water depth dial in Ludwigshafen,
showing a depth of 2.8 meters
Port Talk then dinner: Truffle Scented Chicken Cassoulet in puff pastry crust with mushrooms and tarragon, Orange & Soy Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin with marscapone polenta, roasted piquillo peppers, and aromatic spice jus, followed by Crème Caramel with fresh fruit, whipped cream and vanilla bean sauce.
The Evening Entertainment was Quiz Night, with questions similar to Family Feud.

Next: Speyer.

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