Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Paris to Swiss Alps: Reichsburg (3/29/2017)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (continued)
Shuttle buses dropped us off within the first gate of Reichsburg (1020 or 1051, fell in 1689 to the troops of King Louis XIV). The castle was "restored" in 1874-77 after being purchased in 1868 by Louis Ravené, at a time when it was popular for wealthy families to refurbish castle ruins as summer residences. (The family "had to" sell to the Nazis 1942, when the Nazis made the taxes exorbitant.) Now the castle belongs to the city of Cochem.
The tour of the castle is through the few rooms that were able to be furnished with Renaissance and Baroque furniture, which was collected by the Ravené family.
Reichsburg entrance gate from inside
View of the city through a crenellation
"Castle Mountain Cellar Winery" vineyard
We still had another gate to pass before entering the castle
Debate surrounded the identity of this creature,
it turns out he is a lion wearing a knight's
helmet with the visor closed! (KSS)
View of Cochem from the castle (KSS)
Another mail box
View behind the castle showing a type of Schrebergärten/
allotment gardens, small rented plots of land used
for growing fruits and vegetables or simply for relaxation,
usually for landless city dwellers (KSS)
Our local guide was our guide within the castle as well. The castle staff asked if a young English-speaking man could join our group, and our guide asked permission of the group. I am glad to say that the group welcomed him.
The third gate we passed through
The castle was apparently built using
the natural terrain (KSS)
The resident cat, and yes, that cannon is very small!
Castle well
The well is about 120/m/400' deep?
View through diamond-paned windows
A Neo-Renaissance style dining room
Quite the hutch! with Delftware (KSS)
Painted ceiling by Ernst Ewald from Berlin
Delft tile fireplace in the ladies parlor (KSS)
Ceramic space heater!
Romanesque painted ceiling with the four virtues:
Temperance, Fortitude, Justice, Wisdom 
It wasn't very smart to photograph the secret door,
rather than the whole wall of panels!
Kent touches the lucky red belly of the mermaid lamp
The Hunters' Room
Marie-Luise demonstrates using the key in a
large slot that guides the key to the hole,
in case one is too tired or rather, too inebriated
A section of the Great Hhall
Marie-Luise chose a partner who
was gallant enough to accompany her
in a royal manner into the Great Hall
The Knight's Room, with armor for the normal
medieval man, and that of a relative giant of the time,
some Austrian from the 16C, Burghauptmann/
Castle Captain Schenk at 2.25m/7'4.6"
A stunning piece of furniture!
(I don't know why I think I am going to remember
details about everything the guide says!)
View from the hanging balcony of the castle
Since we were the last tour of the day, our shuttle driver volunteered to take us all the way back to the Viking Hild, now docked in Cochem!
The docking spot was not far from the historic Senfmühle/
Mustard Mill (1810), the last of its kind in Europe,
with mustard miller Wolfgang Steffens
Back on board for the Port Talk and dinner, as we cast off once again.
We tried the Fish and Shrimp Sinigang in miso broth, a Filipino soup, Triple Dipped fried Chicken Breast with butter waffle, corn salsa, and maple syrup gravy! Dessert was Passion Fruit Mousse on Sponge Tart with a fruit coulis.

Next: Rhine Cruise.

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