Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lindsey & Mike Wedding (10/21/2017)

Saturday, October 21, 2017 (continued)
Shuttle buses were provided to take the guests to and from the beach wedding venue, since parking spaces were at a premium.
Marry Me Margaritas provided before the ceremony (KSS)
Grayton Beach wedding venue
Grayton Beach wedding venue
No more bride's side and groom's side
(hundreds of orchids were used in wedding and reception decorating!)
The groom's nephews are ready to do their part
At the Jeep "photo booth"
Mixing of the sands of the families was part of the ceremony (KSS)
Steve escorts Lindsey after driving up in a Jeep (KSS)
After the ceremony
Remains of another wedding farther along the beach
The reception was in a huge vacation rental house right off the beach.
Fabulous menu
View from the reception house
The Groom's Cake was from Gregg's in RI!
Italian Wedding Cake
Mike and Lindsey cut the cake
Sharing the cake!
Another gorgeous wedding! Many thanks to Steve and Donna, and Lindsey and Mike for the invitation!
P.S. On Sunday, we stayed for the NFL game with the New England Patriots (Steve and Donna are from RI) vs the Atlanta Falcons (they lived in Atlanta, and the groom's family is from Atlanta). Friendly rivalry and more great food!
Steve barbecues ribs and RI hot wieners
NFL team cookies

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