Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Elegant Elbe: Prague 4a (5/23/2018)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Breakfast buffet at the Hotel Meran
Started the day by checking out the north end of Wenceslas Square/Václavské náměstí.
Koruna Palace/Palác Koruna (1912-1914, in Art Nouveau style)
Took an alley through to Jungmann Square/Jungmannovo náměstí.
A unique water fountain by Jiří Kryštůfek
Bat'a, the flagship shoe store
Tomáš Bat'a was from a family of shoemakers in the town of Zlín. He and his siblings started the Bat'a company in 1894. When faced with financial difficulties, Tomáš decided to make shoes from canvas instead of leather, and these shoes became very popular. His employees took part in the profit and losses of the company. In 1911 he built housing for his employees. The company grew during World War I when commissioned to make shoes for the military. After the war, the loss of business hurt financially, but because of his affordable shoes, the company was able to weather the Depression. By the time Tomáš died in 1932, the company had branches in 60 countries. His brother, Jan Antonin, took over management, but escaped to the United States when the Nazis marched into Prague. Tomáš's son went to Canada in 1939 and established the company there. After World War II, the Communists nationalized the Czech shoe company. However, after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the Bat'a family was asked to return, and they set up manufacturing in their hometown of Zlín.
A cubist lamp post by Emil Kralicek, backed by the
14C Gothic gate to a cemetery
U Pinkasů (founded 1843) was the first restaurant
in Prague to serve the bottom-fermented lager
Pilsner Urquell on draft
Adria Palace/Palác Adra (1925, by Josef Zasche in Rondo-Cubist style);
left me speechless!
The Adria Palace is known as being the meeting place of the Civic Forum/Obcanske forum (with Václav Havel as one of the leaders) that led to the Velvet Revolution in November 1989.
Statue (1878) of Josef Jungmann, a linguist and poet
who advocated the rebirth of the Czech written language
Church of Our Lady of the Snows/Kostel Panny
 Marie Sněžné
 (founded by Charles IV to mark his
coronation in 1347, by 1397 only this portion,
the chancel, was completed)
Hussite Jan Želivský preached here and was buried here after his execution in 1422.
Tamiko with Pope Francis (KSS)
Franciscan Gardens/Františkánská zahrada (KSS)
The Franciscan Gardens are known for roses
More roses
Divinities/Divoženky (by Josef Klimeš)
We assume the 'x-ed' footprint means no walking on the new grass! (KSS)
Garden with herbs that would have been used by 17C Franciscans
A fountain (where we noticed a man in rags
washing off a syringe needle)
A short walk brought us to the Coal Market/Náměstí Na Uhelném Trhu.
Wimmerová fountain/Wimmerova kašna (1797,
by František Xaver Lederer), named for the man
who commissioned the fountain, Jakub Wimmer
It was time to check out of Hotel Meran and catch a tram to our new location, the Hotel NH [Collection] Prague City. This was the start of the Viking River Cruise, Elegant Elbe, as we were met by the Program Director, Michael.
View from the funicular, which we had to take to reach the upper part of the
hotel with our rooms! It does look like the drop-off of a roller coaster!
Peter & Beth arrived shortly after we did, with all their luggage this time. It was stashed behind a desk, and we headed off once again.
Next: Prague 4b.

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