Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Empty Condo (6/5/2018)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Townhouses of Van Aken (3/24/2018)
We will go to the right of these townhouses and down the sidewalk to ours at the far end.
The empty townhouse condo (3/24/2018)
We cannot back up far enough
for a good view of the end unit (3/24/2018)
The rear and garage side (3/24/2018)
We will enter through the garage.
The walls are all one color, called "greige." Very changeable according to the lighting.
The den with the garage door on the left and guest room and bath ahead
The den looking back from the guest area towards the front door
(door to the closet under the stairs to the left)
The guest bedroom
The guest bedroom (through the windows you can see
the location is at the corner of the property)
The guest bathroom
The front door "foyer" (closet to the right)
Heading upstairs
The great room
The great room
The great room
Turn around to see the kitchen
The kitchen
The kitchen
Hall to the left of the kitchen with the
pantry closet to the left and short hall with
a linen closet and the lavatory to the right
The lavatory
Hall to the right of the kitchen
with the doors to the laundry
closet on the left
Laundry closet
The master bedroom with door to the bathroom
The master bedroom with one accent colored wall
The master bedroom (through the window
you can see that more units will be built)
The master bedroom with door to the closet
The master bedroom closet
The master bathroom
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Randy relaxes

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