Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cleveland 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014
Had lunch at the Algebra Tea House on Murray Hill in Little Italy:
Kaak be yansoon/Anise ring (Lebanese) on handmade plate
Handmade tea mugs
At the Cleveland Museum of Art:
Thaddeus Kosciuszko (1904)
by sculptor Gaetano Trentanove

Saturday, March 15, 2014
The movie "A Christmas Story" was filmed partly in Cleveland, using the exterior of this house as Ralphie's home:
"A Christmas Story" house at 3159 W 11th Street

An entrepreneur has purchased the house and several others in the neighborhood to create a museum and gift shop.
Although indoor scenes were filmed in Toronto, Ontario, this house recreates the interior of the 1940s as seen in the movie.
Hallway telephone
Push button light switches
Ralphie's and Randy's bedroom
"You'll shoot your eye out!"
Kent with the Leg Lamp
Lights and tinsel on the Christmas tree
Many of the visitors acted out scenes from the movie:
"Randy" hides under the sink
Several props of the period:
Washing machine
The ill-fated turkey in the oven
Breadbox on the frige
They allowed you to pick up any of the props and pose with them:
The Leg Lamp shipping box
The tour included the back yard:
The shed
One of a string of leg lamp lights in the museum

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Finally unpacked the Hinamatsuri/Girls' Day Festival set.
The dolls came with their heads wrapped
Our complete set

Friday, April 4, 2014
Another trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Matrix Series Catenary Ellipsoid (2010) by Brent Kee Young
Matrix Series Catenary Ellipsoid close-up
Gray and Gold (1942) by John Rogers Cox
January (1940-41) by Grant Wood

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Shaker Heights is proud to be the location of the last building in the United States designed by architect Walter Gropius.
Tower East was completed in 1967
With 12 stories at 160 feet in height,
it is the tallest building in Shaker Heights
It is an office building with a restaurant on the ground floor
Gropius was a German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Sign of Spring on Scottsdale Boulevard:
Galanthus nivalis/Common Snowdrops

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Took a walk through Acacia Reservation, one of the Cleveland Metroparks located in Beachwood. The former golf course is being allowed to return to nature, and the former country club buildings are available to rent for special events.
Former sand trap on a no longer fair way
Canada Goose comes in for a water landing
Back in Shaker Heights:
A few tulips on the tree lawn

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day!
Another nice day to wander through Lake View Cemetery.
Fragrant Viburnum sp (KSS)
The unassuming Van Sweringen grave.
Van Sweringen grave marker
Tombstone  for Oris Paxton and Mantis James Van Sweringen
The inseparable Van Sweringen brothers became real estate and railroad management entrepreneurs who had stock in the Nickel Plate, Erie, Chesapeake & Ohio, Pere Marquette, Hocking Valley, Missouri-Pacific, and the New York, Chicago & St Louis Railroads. They are know for developing Shaker Heights and the Shaker rapid transit line, as well as building the Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland.
Bench in the Cottingham family plot
An unusual grave stone with
an etching of a telescope in an observatory
and the ham radio call sign of W8ZEP (KSS)
A cross between a Celtic knot and the Toyota logo?
Grave of George Magoffin Humphrey (1890-1970)
George Humphrey was president of M A Hanna (iron ore processing company) from 1929-1952. He headed the Reparations Survey Committee to advise Allied forces on dismantling German industry after WWII, and served as Secretary of Treasury from 1953-1957 for President Eisenhower.
Balanced cube memorial
Schey Memorial 
Small bronze sculpture (KSS)
 A sculpture of the Abduction of Ganymede? No, there's a Robert Browning quote about a man's reach should exceed his grasp.
    Phlox subulata/Creeping Phlox (KSS)
    Jeptha Homer Wade (1811-1890)
    Jeptha Wade built a number of Midwest telegraph lines and helped consolidate the telegraph industry to found Western Union in 1854. He organized the Lake View Cemetery Association and was its first president. He donated land from his private estate to the city, which is now Wade Park.
    Haserot Angel (1924) by Herman Matzen
    The Haserot Angel holds a torch upside down to symbolize an extinguished life. The Tim Burton-esque angel appears to be weeping, due to stains of weather.
    Coffin-shaped sculptures for William & Annie Wetmore
    This tombstone had so much information!
    And a clever photo in the lens of a camera
    Eliot Ness (1903-1957) (KSS)
    Eliot Ness was the leader of the legendary "Untouchables," a team of law enforcement agents organized to enforce Prohibition in Chicago and known for bringing in Al Capone. So why is he buried in Cleveland? He was appointed Safety Director for the City of Cleveland in 1935-1938 and cleaned up crime and traffic. He also unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 1947. Although he died in Pennsylvania, his ashes were scattered in one of the Lake View Cemetery ponds.
    Harvey Pekar (1939-2010) (KSS)
    Harvey Pekar was an "underground" comic book (American Splendor) writer and the headstone has his quote: "Life is about women, gigs, an' bein' creative."

    Schofield (1842-1917) Vault (KSS)
      Levi T. Scofield is best remembered for designing the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument at Public Square in downtown Cleveland.
      View of downtown Cleveland from the top of the Garfield Monument

      Sunday, May 18, 2014
      Former First Church of Christ Scientist (1931)
      Former First Church of Christ Scientist carillon
      Pink dogwood blossoms

      Thursday, May 23, 2014
      The scrawny Cornus florida/Flowering Dogwood tree

      Monday, June 9, 2014
      Peonies in bloom (KSS)
      Clematis (KSS)
      Another clematis (KSS)
      Backyard (KSS)

      Saturday, June 14, 2014
      The 25th Parade the Circle, an artist-driven community parade around Wade Circle from the Cleveland Museum of Art.
      ??? (KSS)
      Parade participant with collage hat (KSS)
      Dürer’s Rhino led the first Parade the Circle (KSS)
      More rhinos (KSS)
      Glyptodon/prehistoric armadillo? (KSS)
      The themes of this year's parade are Recologia Desigual (Recology is recovered resources and desigual means unequal or uneven) and Never Odd or Even.
      Smilodon/Saber-toothed Cat? (KSS)
      Woolly mammoth? (KSS)
      Whatever it is, it's colorful! (KSS)
      Steel drum band (KSS)
      Giant Tan Tan puppets (KSS)
      Puppeteer (KSS)
      Participants of all ages (KSS)
      Stilt walker (KSS)
      Spirals are not odd or even (KSS)
      Hawk head lady (KSS)
      More stilt walkers (KSS)
      Bird kites (KSS)
      Giant puppet (KSS)
      Giant puppet (KSS)
      Shaw High School Jazz Fusion and Funk Ensemble (KSS)

      Friday, July 4, 2014
      Happy Independence Day!
      Typical two-family homes with curved balcony porch wall
      We took a hike in Garfield Park Reservation to Mill Creek Falls.
      Mill Creek Falls History Center
      Mill Creek Falls, the highest in
      Cuyahoga County at 48 feet
      Railing designed by Brinsley Tyrrell  and welded by Steve Jordan
      Bike rack designed by Brinsley Tyrrell  and welded by Steve Jordan
      Steam shovel bucket is the "hinge"
      From above the falls
      Kent with former Cleveland State Hospital lamp post
      Sign on lamp post

      Sunday, July 6, 2014
      A hike in the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, starting at Harvard Road.
      ALCOA Forge Overlook with old forging press
      Nature covering a landfill
      Cuyahoga River
      Cuyahoga River flood level marker
      (Kent is 7'4"!)
      Aesculus glabra/Ohio Buckeye
      Remnant of the Ohio & Erie Canal
      Remnant of the Newburgh & South Shore Railroad
      Petroleum Storage Overlook with a piece of the tank wall
      Just Passing Through Overlook with a stray bobber
      Rosa setigera/Prairie Rose
      Old tractor at Family Farming Overlook
      Canada Geese at Wildlife Refuge area
      CSX Short Line Railroad Marcy Trestle (65' high, 800' long)
      Lithrum salicaria/Purple Loosestrife
      Rhus typhina/Staghorn Sumac
      Acer nugundo/Box Elder Maple flower
      Drove home through the Tremont neighborhood.
      St Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral
      St Theodosius was consecrated in 1913 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. It is perhaps best known as the setting of a wedding in the 1978 movie The Deer Hunter.

      Saturday, July 12, 2014
      GardenWalk Cleveland:
      GardenWalk Cleveland was founded by two women who were impressed when visiting the GardenWalk Buffalo in 2010, and they started one in Cleveland in 2011. This year five neighborhoods were showcased: Detroit Shoreway, Tremont, Slavic Village, Glenville, and Larchmere.
      Today we went to Larchmere where there are 22 private home gardens, 1 apartment balcony garden, 7 business gardens, one community garden, and one Learning Farm.
      2456 E 124th Street pruned yews
      Echinops sp/Globe Thistle
      Rainwater barrel
      12510 Britton Drive
      Barbed wire ball
      E 126th Street shrub mounds 
      E 126th Street
      12401 Mt Overlook Avenue raised beds
      12624 Larchmere Boulevard housing A Cultural Exchange
      (not on GardenWalk)
      12701 Larchmere Boulevard 2C (on GardenWalk!)
      2638 E 130th St potting area
      13006 Larchmere Boulevard
      Clematis integrifolia Rooguchi
      13006 Larchmere Boulevard
      Clematis texensis Etoile Rose?
      13015 Larchmere Boulevard
      Loganberry Books (not on GardenWalk)

      Sunday, July 13, 2014
      Today the Slavic Village portion of GardenWalk Cleveland, where there are 31 private home gardens, one hobby greenhouse, one hobby vineyard, one hobby orchard, one school, two community gardens, and one Learning Farm, as well as Mill Creek Falls.
      Mill Creek is a new (1997) development built on the grounds of the former Cleveland State Hospital.
      9499 Covington Avenue
      In places such as this, only the front yard was on display
      4442 Archer Road winter-damaged Japanese maple tree
      9724 Gates Avenue
      9724 Gates Avenue
       9778 Gates Ave Achillea millefolium
      (Cleveland Cavaliers colors!)
       9778 Gates Avenue Stokesia laevis/Stokes Aster
       9778 Gates Avenue Garlic scapes
      4462 Brooks Road
      Unusual use of hostas in sunny areas
      9727 Covington Avenue
      9727 Covington Avenue
      heading to the "backyard"
      9727 Covington Avenue "backyard"
      9727 Covington Avenue "backyard"
      4386 Archer Road
      The day lilies survived the deer
      Had lunch at the Red Chimney.
      The Red Chimney Restaurant at 6501 Fleet Avenue
      Polish Restaurant run by Greeks?
      Another section of Slavic Village.
      3392 E 66th Street
      Side yard vineyard
      7010 Ottawa Street
      The pale spruce stood out
      as well as the plastic philodendron
      6920 Ottawa Street Crocosmia sp
      6924 Ottawa Street
      Schizophragma hydrangeoides/Climbing Hydrangea
      6924 Ottawa Street
      Schizophragma hydrangeoides/Climbing Hydrangea
      6906 Ottawa Street Color wheel
      6902 Ottawa Street
      Inspired by last year's GardenWalk,
      a neighbor decided to try something on her lawn
      (flowers are plastic)
      Indiana Avenue oak leaf lawn (not on GardenWalk)
      6927 Indiana Avenue Zantedeschia sp/Calla lily
      7001 Indiana Avenue with screened porch
      7003 Claasen Avenue with over 120 containers!
      "Tony Zajac has lived at 7003 Claasen Avenue for the past twenty years. The back yard is approximately 35’ wide by 35’ deep. In that space he has 145 annuals and 50 small evergreen trees in pots, 10 roses in the ground , 3 clematis vines, dozens of hostas and a medium size Japanese Maple tree.  A snowdrift crab apple tree shades the back yard. The annuals include three kinds of impatience, lobelia, licorice plant, supertunias, several different colors of coleus, snap dragons, alyssum, vinca vines, and Asiatic lilies. Tony uses no chemicals on his plants. This year he is experimenting with growing raspberries and blueberries in pots."
      And thus we ended the GardenWalk with a big "wow!"