Sunday, December 23, 2018

"Lights of Cincinnati" (12/23/2018)

Sunday, December 23, 2018 (continued)
"Lights of Cincinnati" (1969) is a song title by Scott Walker.
Lunch at Fireside Pizza in a former firehouse
We arrived at the Cincinnati Zoo for the
PNC Festival of Lights
Hmm, covered parking at the zoo
But they were solar panels of the largest publicly accessible
urban solar array in the country
The 10.5 m/35' tall International Tree
Color-changing orbs in front of the Reptile House
Hey, it's Mufasa up on Pride Rock! (and Sarabi)
Sculpture of Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon,
who lived her last days at the Cincinnati Zoo
Copy of the painting/mural by John A Ruthven of Martha
Folded paper passenger pigeons
Statue (1985, by Lazslo Ispanky) of Joe Spaulding, Jr,
erected in his memory at the Children's Zoo
What?! But this is outside the enclosure!
Lighted zebra and giraffes
Waterfowl pond
Not many animals were out and about, except this lioness
Fiona, the hippo that was born prematurely and needed extra care, is doing well, but can only be seen if she goes outside, which she was not likely to do on this chilly day.
Tamiko with painted dog ears (KSS)
Meerkats (okay, yes, they are just sculptures!)
Now it's getting dark; polar bear and cub
It is difficult to capture the magic of the lights
I waited a looong time for this reindeer to lift his head...
You were supposed to look for a mouse in each
of four "gingerbread" houses
The window was smudged from young noses
Rainbow Tunnel
The flamingos were a little more pink than this picture shows
Lighted gorillas
There's Mufasa, again
Bright chameleon
And finally the hippos
View of the Roebling Bridge (by the builder of the Brooklyn Bridge)
from the Yard House, another "beer with a view" place where we had dinner
Tomorrow we return home after a holiday weekend in Cincinnati.
"They're serving up last call in Cincinnati" is a lyric from the song "Sweet Kentucky Ham" (2002) by Curtis Stigers.