Sunday, April 8, 2018

Flora-Bama (4/8/2018)

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Sadly, we were in Florida for the inurnment and memorial service for Albert "Bert" S.
We did gain some experience with PODS storage and delivery. The delivery of the unit was interesting.
A flatbed trailer has this frame where the wheels drop (KSS)
The truck pulls away (KSS)
and the storage unit is lowered to the ground (KSS)
The frame is returned to the truck and the wheels are raised (KSS)
The PODS will take "family heirlooms" to New York, for distribution among the grandchildren. Many thanks to the Ryan S family for their part in this endeavor.

Today we took time for a little sight-seeing, on an unseasonably cold day for Pensacola.
We drove west along the beach to Flora-Bama, located on Perdido Key at the Alabama border. It is "world-famous" for its complex of music stages, lounge and bars, and oyster bar. Established in 1964, Flora-Bama was essentially destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. It was rebuilt using most of the materials from the original bar by 2010.
The main building of Flora-Bama
Every Sunday there is a church service at the Deck Bar,
and yes, you can go to the bar to get a drink
The Deck Bar
The Oyster Bar
Back deck and view of the beach
The white sand of Pensacola area beaches
Kyle + Katrina
Brynne, Tamiko, and Kent
Kent, Kyle + Katrina, and Brynne
Oysters McClellan (named for a co-owner of Flora-Bama)