Friday, June 29, 2012

Singapore 3 Colonial District (6/29/2012)

Friday, June 29, 2012
After crossing the Singapore River, a look back at Clarke Quay and a tourist boat:
A view of Coleman Bridge and MICA:
The building was erected in 1934 as the Hill Street Police Station and Barracks.
Tamiko with the "Merchants of Singapore" (2007) by Italian Michele Righetti:
Osmoxylon lineare:
No. 15 Upper Circular Road:
The former Yeo Swee Huat shop, of a Chinese funeral services company that also sold auspicious paper goods for burning for your ancestors. They appear to have moved.
Colorful windows on Boat Quay, along the Singapore River:
Boat Quay:
Boat Quay was formerly the center of the Singapore port area. Now it is full of restaurants and bars.
A massage parlor sign:
Some big clams:
Patio dining right along the riverfront:
"Reclining Figure" (1983) by Henry Moore in front of the OCBC Building:
UOB Plaza Mosque:
Kent with "Bird" (1990) by Fernando Botero:
UOB Plaza Atrium:
Tamiko points to the apple of "Homage to Newton" (1985) by Salvador Dali:
One Raffles Place Tower II sculptures from the "Points of View" (2012) series by Tony Cragg:
Over at Raffles Place there were several large sculptures; "Progress and Advancement" (1988) by Yang Ying Feng:
"Struggle for Survival" (1988) by Aw Tee Hong:
In the background on the left is the Metro station.
"Pioneering Spirit" (1988) by Aw Tee Hong:
"Dual Universe" (1994) by Charles O. Perry:
"Spotlight Standard:"
Oh, that's not really a sculpture!
Surrounding Raffles Place are several notable buildings.
Republic Plaza (1995), at 280m/919' shares the title of tallest building in Singapore:
with the UOB Plaza One Building (1995):
and also with the OUB Centre (1988), which can be partially seen behind the "Dual Universe" sculpture.
A new skyscraper, Ocean Financial Centre, is to be completed in 2013:
It will be tied for 5th tallest building in Singapore.
Behind the Ocean Financial Centre, "Momentum" (2008) by David Gerstein:
Back in Raffles Place, a drain message:
Back on the Singapore River:
On the riverfront side of Maybank Tower, "The River Merchants" (2003) by Aw Tee Hong:
Here Indian and Chinese coolies load the bullock cart, while below Scot Alexandre Laurie Johnston negotiates with a Chinese trader and Malay chief:
A view of UOB Plaza Two and Plaza One buildings:
"Kucinta Cats" (1991):
Artist unknown. These are supposed to be the Singapura breed of cats, which is controversial as to origin.
These cats sit at one end of the Cavenagh Bridge:
Once used by rickshaws and ox-carts, there is now a sign (ca. 1910) prohibiting cattle and horses from crossing:
Some Acridotheres tristis/Common Mynas enjoy breakfast at the Fullerton Hotel riverside patio:
Cavenagh Bridge with "First Generation (2000) by Chong Fah Cheong:
The Fullerton Hotel:
Completed in 1928 as an office building to house the General Post Office.
A view of Marina Bay Sands Resort:
Opened in 2010, the resort is an inspired architectural and engineering design making it a challenging construction project. It has everything: hotels, shopping, convention center, museum, casino, entertainment a la Las Vegas, ice skating, etc.
We came to see the Merlion, but he was on holiday:
We had to settle for the Mini Merlion:
This mythical creature is the mascot of Singapore, the Lion City.
View of The Espanade with the Theatres on the Bay (2002) and the Singapore Flyer (2008):
The theaters are nicknamed the "Durian" after the spiky king of fruits. The Singapore Flyer is the world's tallest ferris wheel.
Anderson Bridge and a view of the Commercial Business District/CBD:
Kent with the Dalhousie Obelisk:
Built in 1850 upon the visit of the Marquis Dalhousie, who was then the Governor-General of India, to convince him to exert influence on the behalf of Singapore in London.
The Victoria Theatre:
The portion on the right was built in 1862 as the City Hall, and the Victoria Memorial Hall was added on the left in 1905. The clock tower between them was finished in 1906. With the construction of the new Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, it appears that this building has been totally gutted.
View of Boat Quay:
"From Chettiars to Financiers" (2002) by Chern Lian Shan:
"A Great Emporium" (2002) by Malcolm Koh:
Sir Stamford Raffles statue at the Raffles Landing Site:
Raffles arrived on January 28, 1819. The statue is a copy of the original 1887 statue by Thomas Woolner. The original statue is supposed to be located in front of the Victoria Theatre, but it must have been moved into storage.
In front of the Old Parliament is an elephant statue (1864) that was a gift from the King of Siam in 1872:
Well, the old Supreme Court was under scaffolding, as well as the Old City Hall.
The Singapore Cricket Club (established in 1852) and grounds:
St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral (established 1834, built 1856-1864):
They have Duck Tours here:
War Memorial Park with the Civilian War Memorial (1967):
Nicknamed "Chopsticks," it commemorates civilians who died during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.
Raffles Hotel:
Established in 1887 in a private home built in the 1830s, by the Armenian Sarkie brothers who added three wings by 1894. In 1899, the Main Building was built.
During the Japanese Occupation, the hotel silverware was buried in the Palm Court:
The hotel was totally restored in 1991.
Courtyard Bar:
The famous Long Bar was moved to a new home:
It was in the Long Bar before 1915 when the Bar Captain, Ngiam Tong Boon, invented the cocktail, the Singapore Sling:
Kent tested the drink for us.
"Birds and a Tree" in the atrium of the Carlton Hotel:
CHIJMES, another restaurant and entertainment complex was built in the former Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, with its Gothic chapel:
Established in 1852, and the chapel was completed in 1903.
Across the street is the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd:
Established in 1832, built in 1843-1847. There appear to be major structural problems.
Burhani Mosque (est. 1829, built 1997):
The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce:
Armenian Church (1835):
Civil Defence Heritage Gallery (1908):
Former Central Fire Station.
Registries of Civil & Muslim Marriages:
"Real Love Works!"
Now we had to walk uphill along Fort Canning Park.
Mussaenda erythrophylla:
Bauhinia kochiana:
Couroupita guianensis/Cannonball Tree:
Kent with a buttressed tree:
Could be a Pterygota alata.
"Pedas Pedas" by Kumari Nahappan:
This is funny only to Americans:
We had a late lunch at the Plaza Singapura in the food court:
Then we retrieved our suitcases and took the Metro to the Singapore Changi International Airport, supposedly the world's best airport, although it is huge. Our flight left Singapore at 4:30 pm, and we were home in Shanghai by 11:00 pm.