Sunday, March 16, 1986

1986 Kyle's Birthday (3/16/1986)

Saturday, March 15, 1986
We went to the Pawtucket YMCA for Erich’s swimming graduation ceremony. Each participant received a medal. 
Erich receives his medal
Erich with the medal

Sunday, March 16, 1986
We kept Kyle and Erich until we got them to Modena Avenue by 13:45 for Kyle’s birthday party, which began at 14:00. When the kids arrived, they played musical hats and had a wild treasure hunt.
Kids gathered for the party
Musical hats
Kyle blows out the birthday candles
They had the birthday cake, and began watching “PeeWee Herman’s Big Adventure.”
They got about halfway through, then Kyle opened his gifts and they did the piñata.
Kyle swings at the piñata
Mad dash for the candy
Another wild scramble.
The guests were picked up by 16:00, so we left, too.