Sunday, November 29, 1987

1987 Thanksgiving (11/26-29/1987)

Thursday, November 26, 1987
Happy Thanksgiving!
Kent’s parents arrived last night, and came over at 9:15 for a breakfast of Danish and juice. Kent and I had already prepared the sausage stuffing and had the turkey, which he got from work, into the oven by 9:00. Made oatmeal bread, cranberry sauce, and readied the pumpkin pie. Kent picked up Kyle and Erich at 10:30, and we had lunch of sandwiches about 13:00. Made wild rice, peas, sweetened yams, and heated up croissants. The big turkey dinner was at 17:00, with a relish/pickle tray, but we forgot to put out the cranberry sauce! Everyone helped clean up, and after watching slides of our Europe trip, we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Later the kids were put in bed, and the grandparents headed back to the Suisse Chalet in Seekonk, MA.
Flower arrangement with hostas from the yard

Friday, November 27, 1987
Again Danish and juice when Kent’s parents arrived for breakfast. I baked a chocolate chunk cheesecake, done before the kids got dressed. At 11:00 we went to the end of Smith Street to the Roger Williams National Memorial Park. Kent’s mom had her National Parks Passport stamped, after Kent’s dad helped the clerk find the stamp. Watched a three-minute slide presentation on Roger Williams, and saw a scale model of the park.
Walked out to the wall and site of a fresh water spring that was the center of the common area.
Back in the Ss’ van, we drove along the Providence harbor to the Edgewood and Pawtuxet areas to look at houses, then took the highway back to Oak Hill and the East Side. We returned home for a turkey sandwich lunch, and had the cranberry sauce! While the kids played Monopoly with the grandparents, Kent and I did some shopping for a video camera and groceries on Federal Hill. Dinner was veal in cream sauce with mushrooms, rösti, and broccoli. Later we shelled pecans that came from Kent’s Uncle Bob in San Antonio. After an hour we had a quart of pecans, and still plenty of pecans, still in the shell, left. What a mess!

Saturday, November 28, 1987
Kyle and Erich had basketball practice from 9:00-10:30. Kent’s parents arrived at 10:00 for a breakfast of bran muffins, cereal and juice. The kids had sandwiches after practice, and then we headed to Smithfield-Johnston to take a hike around Dame Farm and the Rattlesnake Dens. A nice sunny day, but it was also hunting season, so the trails were closed.
Dame Farm
Erich and Kyle climb on the grandparents' van
We drove into Cumberland to the St Joseph’s Church for a baseball card show. Followed by a hike in Lincoln Woods.
Lincoln Woods pond
Kent, Bert , and Ada
Erich and Kyle on the big rock
Backlighted tree
Back at home, the kids played on the computer, and Kent and I took his mom to the A&Z Haywood Factory Outlet sale, and she got a watchband for 50 cents! There were many items of fine jewelry, but mostly gauche and/or Playboy things. Kyle and Erich were taken to their mom’s at 16:00, when the grandparents went back to the motel for a rest. At 18:00, we went to pick them up for dinner at La Paloma Mexican Restaurant. We had a long wait, but they were short-staffed. I had huevos charros, very hot!, corn tortillas topped with ground beef, a red sauce, jalapeños and poached egg, with rice and refried beans. Kent had the chicken fajitas, flour tortillas in which you put a mixture of grilled chicken strips, red peppers, sautéed vegetables and top with guacamole and sour cream. He had a Dos Equis Light beer, and I had a lemon-lime seltzer, Kent’s dad had Tecate beer with a lime, and a Sonova. A chicken chimichanga. Kent’s mom also had a Tecate, with Enchiladas Suizas, with chicken and spinach, and Swiss cheese. Kent’s dad picked up the bill. We visited with them at the Suisse Chalet before going home.

Sunday, November 29, 1987
Cleaned and did laundry before Kent’s parents arrived at 11:30, and we drove to LaSere on the East Side for brunch. I had tomato juice and three poached eggs en casserole with Canadian ham, broccoli in a Mornay sauce, along with fried potatoes and a croissant. There was raspberry butter. Kent had Breakfast American of two eggs over easy with potatoes, ham, and a croissant, and orange juice. Kent’s dad had three large pieces of French toast and tea, and his mom had Breakfast American but with two poached eggs, and decaf coffee. This time Kent was able to treat. Leaving $30. We drove back through Pine Street, the armory area, and the capital area (questionable transition neighborhoods) to get home. Kyle and Erich arrived from Adam’s birthday party at about 16:30. Dinner was tortellini and baked crumbed vegetables. Said goodbye to the kids at 19:30, and to Kent’s parents at 21:00, as they are heading back to Ohio tomorrow.