Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Service Project (2016)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Happy Winter Solstice!
Five weeks ago, we found a lost kitten sitting in a corner next to our front stoop. He had mewed/chirped most of the night, making us think he was a distressed bird in our maple tree.
Brynne took him to the Animal Protective League (APL) in the Tremont area of Cleveland, and the kitten (at 4-6 weeks of age) was too young to put up for adoption.
Animal Protective League building
Brynne agreed to foster the kitten until it reached a weight of 2 pounds. She took the kitten into work, and immediately several other of the "girls" in the office wanted to help foster this gray tabby kitten. The next thing, one of the girls wanted to adopt the kitten, who was indeed adorable and entertained itself playing with pet toys, plastic bags, and people's toes.
Every two weeks, Brynne had to take the kitten back to APL to get vaccines and check the weight.
Meanwhile, we discovered that the feral calico cat (that our neighbor feeds) had two kittens. If the gray tabby was part of her litter, it is strange that it was abandoned all night. We decided that we would let these two other kittens stay with their mom until they were big enough to adopt.
The gray tabby kitten tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which means it was probably passed to him by his mother. However, at this young age, the kitten may be simply carrying the mother's antibodies, and he could clear them from his system.  If he does remain FIV positive, he can be adopted but it is understood that he must remain an indoor cat and not be in the company of other FIV-free cats.
Not knowing if "our" feral calico cat was actually the mother, we rented a trap and today set out to capture the calico mother and her two kittens. The mother was easily taken when going for the food in the trap.
The kittens were much more difficult to catch as they hid in the junk-strewn garage of the neighbor. We blocked off the front of the garage, and dug through piles of boxes, lawn furniture, empty take-out food containers, tools, etc., until we finally cornered and grabbed the kittens.
Unfortunately, our decision to let the kittens stay in the care of their mother meant they never became used to humans, and they were not happy to be caught. We ended up keeping them in a dog crate.

Friday, December 23, 2016
The calico cat in the trap rented from APL
We had an appointment to take the feral mother cat to APL this morning to be spayed, vaccinated, and have the left ear tipped so that people knew she had been "treated." The plan was to then release her back into the neighborhood. The last thing we expected to hear was that she needed to be euthanized! But because she herself tested positive for FIV, she could not be released in the outdoors and since she was not adoptable, she had to be euthanized.
FIV is not passed to humans, but is transmitted through an infected cat biting another cat, or through mating and giving birth to kittens. Which meant that the other couple of feral cats wandering our neighborhood, who are likely earlier children of the calico cat, could possibly have FIV. Since we already had the trap, we planned to try to capture those cats as well.

Monday, December 26, 2016
Feral kittens
The two kittens, one a ginger tabby and one a black and white, both males, were taken to APL for our afternoon appointment. They were big enough to be neutered, and will be vaccinated and put up for adoption. If they were to test for FIV, the new owners would have to keep them indoors.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
The huge ginger tabby cat was caught late yesterday afternoon, after we put a KFC chicken thigh in the trap along with some canned cat food. We took him in to APL this morning for his neutering, vaccinations (including rabies shot), and ear tipping, as well as to be tested for FIV.
Adult ginger tabby - a big boy!
At the same time, Brynne took in the original found gray tabby kitten who had reached 2-1/2 pounds in weight. This meant he could be neutered and put up for adoption.
The gray tabby kitten, "Chief"
In the late afternoon, we picked up a groggy ginger tabby, who had tested negative for FIV. After a night of keeping warm and calm, he will be released outdoors.
We also picked up the little gray tabby, who showed his usual bursts of playful energy, but then he got tired and actually took catnaps! Tomorrow he will be taken over fulltime by one of Brynne's work colleagues.

Friday, December 30, 2016
We were afraid we might trap the ginger tabby again, but we lucked out and caught the gray tabby adult male. It was his turn to go to APL.
Gray tabby adult male feral cat
He tested positive for FIV, and had an upper respiratory infection which he would not be able to fight with having FIV. So he, too, had to be euthanized.
We are sad to have had to put two cats to sleep, but hope it is best for the feral cat community. We have "taken care" of the cats in our immediate neighborhood and hope we don't see any more new wild kittens!
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas in Cleveland (12/24/2016)

Saturday, December 24, 2016
Brynne had to work today, but only until noon.  We had lunch at Balaton Restaurant in Shaker Square. Kent decided to have a light lunch with the Wiener Schnitzel sandwich:
The photo does not do justice to the 12" x 5" slab of breaded veal!
We took the Cleveland RTA rapid train to go downtown. Here are earlier photos of some of the 2016 Inter|Urban mural projects along the rail route.
The start of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
(2016) by Jasper Wong (9/9/2016)
From left to right: Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (2016)
by Osman Muhammad; 5 Dollar Bill (2016) by Katy Kosman;
The End (2016) by Amber Esner; The Rain (2016) by Darius Steward
The muralists sought inspiration from themes inspired by the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, which celebrates authors of literary works dealing with social justice and the celebration of diversity and the people of all cultures and backgrounds. The project was completed in time for the Republican National Committee Convention in July 2016. Can we hope that many delegates even saw the murals, much less appreciated them?
Left is Sophie Climbing the Stairs (2016) by Aaron de la Cruz; and
right is The Atom and Hawkman Discuss Metaphysics (2016) by Nosego
On the pillars is The Danger of a Single Story (2016) by Ellen Rutt
and on the far wall is The Boat (2016) by Brendan Monroe
We de-trained in Terminal Tower and were able to walk directly into the JACK Casino (former Horseshoe Casino). The Casino is located in the former Higbee's department store (1929) that is featured in the movie A Christmas Story. Higbee's was founded in 1860, and moved to the Terminal Tower when the Van Sweringen brothers acquired it. Several owners later, it became Dillard's in 1992 and closed in 2002. The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland opened in 2012, and was renamed JACK Casino after a management change in 2016.
In the last five years, Christmas at Higbee's has been recreated in the casino.
Brynne and Kent with the original
Higbee's Christmas tree
A Higbee's Christmas display over the main entrance
A Christmas Story slot machine
This year the Higbee's arches were re-created and decorated
The original Higbee's Christmas bells
All the original Higbee's Christmas decorations were found in storage within the building.
A new twist, the leg lamps as in A Christmas Story
Another Higbee's Christmas dispaly over the back entrance
The side escalator decorations
Father Winter in the Vintage 51 bar of the casino
Outside, a few of the windows had Higbee's Christmas window displays, but the glare made it impossible to photograph. They were in the style of the display over the main entrance.
The Public Square entrance to the Terminal Tower
The main entrance to Higbee's/JACK Casino
Sign on the Higbee's building 
This window displays the Red Ryder
BB Gun that Ralphie coveted after seeing
it in the Higbee's window,
in A Christmas Story
Other windows were decorated by area businesses, sports teams, etc.
The Christmas tree (a 45-foot tall blue spruce
from Brunswick, OH) in Public Square
The fountain in Public Square is now a skating rink
Public Square was redesigned and opened in June 2016, again in time for the RNC Convention. The original four quadrants were combined into one park.
Here are earlier photos of the new Public Square.
A Cracking Art sparrow in front of
the Old Stone Church (1858) (9/9/2016)
More sparrows facing northwest in Public Square (9/9/2016)
The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, a statue of Tom Johnson, and a statue of Moses Cleaveland are remainders of the previous Public Square.
Statue of Mayor Tom L Johnson (1915), who began his tenure in 1901
and represented the ideals of the Progressive for three terms (9/9/2016)
Statue of Moses Cleaveland (1887,
by GC Hamilton), who surveyed the land of the
Western Reserve and in 1796 decided that
this spot would be the capital of the new territory
The fountain in Public Square (9/9/2016)
The fountain with Cracking Art snails and frogs (9/9/2016)
Café Rebol in Public Square (9/9/2016)
The temperature has been above freezing, but enough snow will remain to make this year a white (with gray skies) Christmas.
Our front door
Merry Christmas!