Saturday, April 30, 1988

1988 Wedding Day (4/30/1988)

Sunday, April 3, 1988
Happy Easter!
Kyle and Erich
Kyle and Erich      

Saturday, April 30, 1988
Wedding Day!
Up at 7:00 to finish ironing and touch up our wedding outfits. After Kent showered I went to Nair and do my nails, then shower and shampoo. Karen B was to come to do my hair between 9:15 and 9:30, but didn’t arrive until 9:45. However, she was done by 10:15. The Ss arrived as I did the dishes and ran to tell Pam that we were getting married today. We opened a gift from the Ss of silver candleholders with hurricane lamps, and a card with a check for $1,000. They also brought a gift from the Bs of five blank VCR tapes to duplicate the wedding video. I left at 11:00 to pick up my parents and sister, Kathy, at the airport. As I drove up at 11:18, I saw their plane taxiing to the terminal. Parked in the short term lot, and went in with plenty of time to greet my family. They had short flights from Buffalo and Philadelphia, and then to Providence, but had a 2-hour layover in Philly. Back at our house our respective parents met for the first time. Kent and his parents left at noon to go watch Erich’s first Little League baseball game. We had lunch of turkey breast and roast beef sandwiches, and strawberries and grapes.
Floral centerpiece (GJT)
The flowers from Frey’s arrived, and I paid the balance of $65 and tipped the girl $5. The flowers looked great! The cascading bouquet was stuffed with carnations, small roses, and baby’s breath, all white and green with flowing white ribbons. The mothers’ corsages had four small white roses with baby’s breath and white bows. Kent’s boutonniere had two white roses and baby’s breath, and the fathers’ and Kyle and Erich had white carnations with ferns.
Ada pins on Bert's boutonniere (GJT)
When the Ss returned, I got dressed, with Kathy helping to button up the size 4 dress, and to help me choose nude vs off-white stockings. Went with nude. Kent left to pick up Kyle and Erich, and I got everything together to leave by 12:25. 12:30 was the deadline! I never did polish my nails or re-brush my teeth! The rest of us piled into the Ss’ van and I directed us to the First Unitarian Church of Providence.
First Unitarian Church of Providence (GJT)
Ada carries the floral centerpiece (GJT)
Kent arrived right behind us, and Kathy started videotaping.
Videographer Kathy T (GJT)
I had a floral arrangement for the table in the front of the meeting house, and set out the programs. Donald D was already warming up on the organ, and Tom A came to be introduced all around. I tried to let everyone know what their parts were. At five minutes to 13:00, Donald Dame began to play what was really Rosymeder, which I had misspelled in the program because I couldn’t find it in the library for the proper spelling! A lovely quiet piece, and the Ss and my mother walked down the aisle to the first pews, with Kathy videotaping all the while.
Then at 13:00, Donald D began the organ processional of Trumpet Tunes. Kent went down the aisle, followed by Kyle and Erich who joined their grandparents. I came on my father’s arm. He presented me and shook hands with Kent, and joined my mother in the pew. When the music ended, Tom began reading from the program/script. He did well, ad-libbing for smoother introductions of each section. We had forgotten to tell the parents to stand for their part in giving their blessing, but they gave it nevertheless. In the exchange of vows, we had to check the script ourselves! For the rings, Kyle and Erich did their part in holding onto the boxes, and presenting them when needed. Tom took the rings to explain the meaning, and then we put them on each other, reading our lines.
Kent slides ring on Tamiko (KWT)
Tamiko slides ring on Kent (KWT)
When pronounced husband and wife, we gave each other a smacking kiss! Tom read from the modified Corinthians reading, about the greatest of these is love, and then gave a benediction. With the “Amen,” Donald D began the recessional Toccato. Kent and I walked down the aisle to get the marriage license and thank-you cards. During the resounding organ music, congratulations went around, and then our fathers signed the marriage license as witnesses. When the organist was done, we applauded, and Kent ran up to give him his thank-you note with the fee.
Kent with Donald D at the organ
Tom had waived the church and minister’s fees, but we gave him a LaSerre gift certificate with his thank-you note. We had him stay for some photos, and then spent a long time ourselves taking pictures.
Tamiko, Tom A, Kent (KWT)
Erich, Kent, Kyle (KWT)
Bert, Tamiko, Kent, Ada
Erich, Kyle (KWT)
Gordon, Tamiko, Kent, Yuriko
Gordon, Yuriko, Kathy, Tamiko, Erich, Kent, Kyle, Ada, Bert
Tamiko and bouquet (GJT)
Whew! Finally a few photos outside. The ceremony probably lasted 15 minutes, and the picture-taking a half hour!
Kent then took Erich to get ready for Jeffrey’s birthday party at 15:30. Although it was early, the rest of us headed to Rumford to tour the new house.
Our Rumford house-to-be
Got there at 15:00, just as Diane G, the realtor arrived! She wasn’t expecting us early, and had us wait outside for a few minutes. She had her arms full of bags. We wandered around the outside of the house in the sunshine, as the sun had come out when the wedding music began! When we entered the house, we saw that Diane had set up a little reception for us! And Kent wasn’t planning on coming! I called and he drove over as fast as he could, while everyone roamed through the house. Once Kent arrived, Diane poured champagne and my father took on the role of giving a toast to us, and to the Ss, doing very well!
Tamiko & Kent do the champagne thing
So everyone sipped the sweet champagne and the kids had 7-up. There was a plate of small cookies to pass around. Diane also gave us a card and a gift of a black ceramic vase. It was really very thoughtful of her, and she claims to be romantic. It was an unexpected surprise and a really nice gesture. We left the house after more photos and videotaping.
Tamiko & Kent in front of their house-to-be
I received enthusiastic compliments on my wedding dress from Kathy and Kent’s mother, and from Diane G and Paula B, and my mother, with ready agreement from the menfolks. It was already worth its cost, even though I could smell my sweat!
Kent and Kathy went in his car, and the rest of us in the van. At 17:15 we readied to go to the restaurant and Kent went to pick up Erich. The rest of us were in the van, and approached Federal Hill and the Trattoria d’Antuono’s from the back, since Atwell’s Avenue was closed for the Festa di San Giuseppe. You could smell the frying sausages! We got a table for nine by the door, in view of everyone at the Festa! When Kent arrived with Erich, the waiter asked him what was the occasion. The next thing we knew, our waitress brought over champagne flutes, and poured out Christian Brothers Brut champagne for everyone, even Kyle and Erich got a sip, for a toast that Kent made. For a bunch of teetotalers, we sure drank a lot today!
Bert, Ada, Kent (KWT)
Yuriko, Erich, Kyle (KWT)
There were breadsticks, and bread and butter, and then we started eating, either salads or soups. I had salad with Italian dressing and Kent had the chicken, sausage, and rice soup. Some people had chicken escarole soup, which was chock full of vegetables and noodles. Kyle went without dressing for his salad, but later decided to get the house or Italian dressing. I had one of the specials, the seafood pizzaiola on rice, with shrimp, scallops, and bits of sole in a spicy Italian chopped tomato sauce. Ate only half of it. Kent ate most of his shrimp pesto over linguine. My dad had a special, the chicken Verrazano with chicken filets topped with tomato slices and mozzarella covered with a garlic butter sauce, with steamed broccoli and baked potato. My mom had shrimp scampi, as did Erich. Kathy had the pasta house special, fettuccine puttanesca, but wasn’t thrilled with it. Kyle had pasta and meatballs,, and Kent’s dad had the seafood specialty, and Kent’s mom had lasagna. We were too stuffed for dessert, and no one chose to have coffee. We left about $130.
We thought about taking a walk, but the festival was too crowded, so we drove back home.
I changed, and took my parents and Kathy to the Susse Chalet to check in. Took the slow elevator up to their hot room. Once settled, Kathy was ready for dessert, so we walked over to Howard Johnson’s. Slow service because they need more help. Didn’t have the strawberry shortcake that Kathy wanted, so she had the brownie special like me. Dad had an ice cream soda and mom a coffee. We received a lot of stares. The others returned to the motel, and I drove home in time to say goodnight to the Ss before they went to the Susse Chalet! 

Friday, April 29, 1988

1988 Celtics Playoff Game (4/29/1988)

Friday, April 29, 1988
At 18:15 we got in the car in pouring rain and headed north into Massachusetts. By then it had cleared, but as we approached Boston, we saw dark clouds and occasional flashes of lightning. Parked at the Quincy Market Parking Garage on the 6th level. Took the elevator down and followed the crowds to the Boston Garden. We had much coveted tickets to the first quarterfinal playoff game between the Celtics and the Knicks, from Ed D who was planning on taking Kent, but lucky for me, he wasn’t able to go himself. Even though it was the night before the wedding, knowing the value of the tickets, I was willing to let Kent go on his own with Ed.
Our seats were in the last row to one side of end court behind the press boxes, but we had a view of the whole court. Behind us was standing room only, with some boisterous fans/fanatics, who got very quiet at times, but knew when to boost the team and really appreciated good efforts. The Celtics were losing at first, but were ahead 53-51 at the half. They picked up the pace and won the game 122-102. We stayed until the last second, and saw Brad Lohaus stuff an alley-oop pass from Reggie Lewis. When we were leaving, I said to Kent we would have missed the “Bradhaus” play if we had left early. A major traffic jam leaving the parking garage, and saw a couple guys near fisticuffs over cutting in line. Paid $8 for parking, got right on I-93 and home by 23:45.
Celtics playoff game ticket

Monday, April 25, 1988

1988 Hilton Head (4/22-25/1988)

Friday, April 22, 1988
Left at 6:30 to drive to the airport and left Kent at departures with the luggage as I drove to park in the new parking garage, having to go to the 5th of 6 levels to find a space! On the elevator going down, an older woman got on, then turned around to get back out exclaiming she forgot her suitcase! Met Kent and we got donuts for a quick breakfast. We boarded and left 10 minutes late at 7:40. Were given another breakfast. Some people were having Bloody Marys! Tom P was on the plane with his wife, Wendy. We met up with them in Atlanta for drinks, then they took a flight to Savannah, and we checked in for out 12:15 flight to Hilton Head. We applied for Eastern Airlines frequent flyer program in hopes they can pull themselves up from the bottom. We boarded a small British-made plane for 18 passengers. We sat behind the pilot, and the stewardess took the co-pilot’s seat. Left at 12:30, and we watched the altimeter rise to 16,000 feet, and saw the speed was about 170 mph. About an hour later we circled over Hilton Head, looking down at big private homes with swimming pools on wide empty beaches
Hilton Head is the largest island between New Jersey and Florida, and is about 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. It was named for an Englishman, Captain William Hilton, who sailed into Port Royal Sound in 1663 and wrote of the green headlands of the island. Indians lived here 3800 years ago. In 1526, Spanish, French, and English colonists tried to settle, but were troubled by Indian and pirate raids. By the mid-18th century, English plantations were established, prospering on indigo, rice, and sea island cotton until the Civil War. At that time, Union troops were stationed here to block Confederate ports. After the war, the island was left to nature and the freed slaves/Gullah population, who developed a culture based on hunting, fishing, and small farms. In 1956, a bridge to the mainland was built, and the island developed into a year-round resort offering marshes, woods, ocean, the sound, and beaches. We landed and many of the resort visitors did not have kind things to say about small planes. Saw lots of little planes and a couple little jets at the airport. I was reminded of India when walking from the plane to the small terminal with tropical plants all around in the “stifling” heat (as compared to the cool northern air!). Had to wait for the checked baggage, and they had sandwiches and coffee set out for the passengers!
We then waited for the Low Country Taxi and Limousine to take us to the Hyatt Regency for $8 for the first two passengers. The driver said this was the hottest day so far this season, predicting it would get into the 90s. And he talked about golf. At the Hyatt the bellboy grabbed our bags, and Kent mentioned to him that ISPO was to pick up the transfer fees. Went to check in and I had to sign as the sharer of the room. Our room wasn’t ready, but we were given a pass to go downstairs to The Café to eat. Got a window table. We had bottomless iced teas and I had a creamy she-crab soup that came with three rolls and whipped butter. Kent had a Social Club, a turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, and Swiss cheese club sandwich with ridged potato chips. He gave me a quarter of his sandwich and a dill pickle spear. Left about $14.50 and were able to get the keys to room #924. Yes, we have the coveted ocean-view room!
View from the hotel room
Kent called the bell captain to see if some packages had arrived, which they had. We went down and the bell captain escorted us into the bowels of the hotel to a storeroom in search for the boxes. We saw lots of strawberries!
When Kent had a meeting at 16:00. I changed into my bathing suit to go to the beach. Passed the two-part pool and lots of sunbathers, two Jacuzzis, and a kiddie pool. Attached to the hotel was the indoor pool. There were snack bars, a regular bar, and a small restaurant. Tanning supplies and towels were available. On the beach they were renting “banana bikes,” that you recline in.
Banana bikes
I returned to the room at 17:00 when I spotted Kent on the balcony of our room. We decided to take a walk, taking a right on the beach and walking past the Mariner’s Inn where part of the sales meeting is to take place. Wide beaches edged with palmettos, wax myrtles, live oaks, and loblolly pines; lots of greenery. Noted the blowholes of clams or other sea life in the sand, and around many were light brown “jimmies!”
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Passed through bright orange buoys attached to a wide circles of concrete, 15-20 feet in diameter. Our waiter at dinner explained that those concrete sections were gun embattlements from when the Union Army was based here during the Civil War, apparently ineffectually blocking the Port Royal harbor. Supposedly there are ruins of forts on the island, and of historic plantations. We continued to a wall of rocks at the Marriott Hotel and turned back. We went in the Mariner’s Inn complex, crisscrossed with waterways and islands of outdoor receptions. The azaleas were at the end of their blooming season.
We followed the road back to the Hyatt to change clothes and return to The Café for dinner. Decided to go ahead and have the Captain Jack’s seafood buffet, which looked really good. I had a bottomless iced tea and Kent had two glasses of Chardonnay, and later a cup of coffee. We started with the salads, having a choice of tri-color pasta, a crab and shrimp salad, and a potato, apple, and herring salad. There was an array of greens for a garden salad, and a variety of fruits: pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, and strawberries. Kent also had a shrimp cocktail and raw oysters with a cocktail sauce. Then the main courses of a Cajun shrimp and scallops over green fettuccine, lemon-dill shrimp with rice, thymed new potatoes, steamed vegetables, and more rolls. This time I had raw oysters. Next shrimp and scallops in a dijonnaise sauce, cod in a white mushroom sauce, boiled blue crabs, and a vegetable noodle soup. We went twice, me for another entrée and Kent for another salad. Next was the dessert table, and out of everything that was available, we tried a lady finger and mousse roll, chocolate cheesecake with strawberries, a lemon cream filled cornucopia, and pecan pie. Everything was decorated with dark chocolate jimmies, or chocolate crunchy things like rice krispies, except round. We were only charged $14.95 each, no additional drink fees. Left $36. Heading back to the room, we ran into Perry and Sue. Meanwhile, there were people dressed for the gala ball, everyone with something pink. They were followed by a pair of people in Pink Panther costumes.
We decided to go for another walk, this time turning left at the beach, passing a group of kids with a loud boom box. Peeked into some of the big houses.
Back in the room, we found the beds were turned down with chocolates on the pillows. There was also a bottle of wine in ice, with two glasses and a corkscrew, and a tray with a variety of fruits and cheeses, and finally on the nightstand was a dish with two large chocolate-covered strawberries!
There was a small safe, in which you punch in your own code. We are using it for cameras and wallets.

Saturday, April 23, 1988
This morning we breakfasted on the fruits (papaya slices, grapes, strawberries, and maybe prickly pear) and cheeses (Swiss, cheddar, dill, Gouda, and brie). We spotted dolphins in the ocean. We got dressed to walk on the beach trying to get photos of the dolphins as they swam northward. Kent had business as I went to sit on the beach and read, as the sun tried to peek through the clouds.
Kent came to sit with me when he was done with business, and then we went to dress for lunch. We met Jim and Marti S, and Ute and Cindy in The Café. I had the bottomless iced tea, and today I had the Social Club and gave one quarter to Kent. Today it came with homemade potato chips, and those who had she-crab soup did not get rolls, but only a few butter crackers. Kent got the California croissant with shaved ham, bean sprouts, and cheese. A thick sandwich! Jim S picked up the bill.
By 14:00 we were stationed in the Bayley Room, clearing a table so we could collate and fill binders, and glue samples into brochures. Kent was tipping the bell boys $10 a trip for hauling boxes! Ulysses and Willy were very grateful!
Cindy had typed our program for the wedding, and I proofed that between all the other activities. We finished about 17:00 and returned to the room. It was raining outside, and we saw the dolphins heading southward. They have a 9-5 job?! Also enjoyed watching pelicans and cormorants dive into the ocean for fish, and we ate up the chocolates from yesterday and today!
Hilton Head island is said to be surrounded by, or at least bordered on the inland side by one of the last major unpolluted marine estuaries on the east coast. It is known as a resort for golf, tennis, riding stables, bicycle trails, and marinas. Harbour Town Links is the site of the MCI Heritage Golf Classic that was held earlier this month, considered one of the best courses in the country. Next door to the south is Daufuskie Island, reached only by boat, where many old Gullah traditions are still observed.
Readied for dinner with Scott and Susan S, who had arrived today, but not with their luggage. Many planes were being held in Atlanta due to thunderstorms, so half the dinner party didn’t show. Had a table for twelve, and met a lot of new people. Rich from Denver was there. Started with drinks and snacked on small round nut bread loaves. I ordered the Australian Seafood Chowder with shrimp and scallops; so thick it didn’t drip off the spoon! Kent had the shrimp cocktail in a bland mayonnaise-type sauce, but with good-sized medium shrimp. For an entrée, Kent had the charbroiled grouper, and I had crab cakes, which were excellent having mostly chunky crabmeat! They came with steamed vegetables including cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, yellow squash, and asparagus, and wild rice with mushrooms and tiny shrimp. Kent’s grouper came on a bed of spinach. Kent had coffee, and they passed around a cigar box filled with accompaniments for the coffee: rock candy on sticks, chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, as well as sugar packets.
In front of the Hemingway’s Restaurant there was an iced display of live but dying Maine lobsters and a few huge fish including a large carp-like fish and a couple flattish dolphin-like fish. Back in our room we found a pair of chocolate truffles on the nightstand, covered in white chocolate and filled with chocolate mousse. A great display of lightning tonight!

Sunday, April 24, 1988
Up at 8:30 to take a walk along the beach, meeting several people we knew along the way. Walked about 45 minutes. At 10:00 we met Lon and his wife, Marilyn, to drive out to the highway US-278 to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, sort of like a Po’ Folks, but with a gift shop. The others had coffee and I had tomato juice. Kent never got his orange juice. I had an Oldtimer’s Breakfast with two eggs over easy, grits, two biscuits with country gravy (thick and white), two smoked sausage patties, and hash browns. Kent had Herschel’s Favorite, the same except with country ham. Lon picked up the bill and Kent left the tip.
We continued to the Shoppes on the Parkway, which had all outlet stores. Marilyn wanted to window shop and check out the opening times. We returned to the hotel, and went to sit by the pool under dark gray clouds. Got windy and cool and started to sprinkle rain. Kent wanted to go inside for some fun at 14:00. Then the sun came out and I went to lie on the beach, but got disgusted when my body got caked with sand from the wind. I just missed getting pooped on by a bird; got some of the “splash.”
Kent was driving boxes of things over to the Mariner’s Inn to set up, and he returned at 18:15. We dressed and went down to the Indigo Club, the “disco” of the hotel that is closed on Sundays, so that ISPO could use it for a cocktail reception at 18:30. We were to be in the reception line to greet distributors and salesmen. As we did so, it seemed the food ran out at 19:30. Not enough food for 130 people who apparently starved themselves for this event! We had to wait for the second wave of food, and got a couple roast beef sandwiches on rolls, as well as chicken livers wrapped in bacon. Kent had two beers and I took an unwanted Coca-cola, and later had ginger ale. There was a two-man jazz combo (bassist and keyboard) playing. The reception closed at 21:30.

Monday, April 25, 1988
Kent left at 6:30 for today’s program, in which he had to do two speeches for ISPO. I went downstairs at 8:30 for breakfast and sat alone. Then noticed a distributor’s wife, Jean F from California, and we sat together. I had the Southern Coastal breakfast with grits, slices of smoked ham, two eggs over easy and several strawberries. Also had a Danish, muffin, and biscuit! With butter and orange juice, the bill came to about $9 and I left $10.50. I took the Danish and muffin with me as I checked out and went to get a taxi at 9:30. Waved goodbye to the many wives who were waiting to take a tour to Savannah, GA. The trip to the airport took 10 minutes, and cost the same $8 as the limo, and I gave the driver $9. I checked in and the luggage was manually inspected. The plane was not full this time, and the ride was a bit bumpier as we seemed to fight headwinds. We took off at 10:25 and got to Atlanta about 11:30. I wasn’t feeling great, but was okay to hike to the gate for Providence, and ate the Danish. When we boarded, a man was sitting in my assigned seat. It was hard to tell because of all the markings on his boarding pass, but we finally figured he was in seat C and not D. We took off a bit after the 12:15 departure time, as they were sorting out an overbooked situation. Got a sandwich snack and beverage. Stopped in Hartford at 14:45, and landed early in Providence before the 15:43 arrival time. Walked straight to my car, which was still all there! Paid $20 for parking and went home.

Sunday, April 17, 1988

1988 Erich on Arbor Day (4/17/1988)

Sunday, April 17, 1988
After lunch we headed to Roger Williams Park for the Keep Providence Beautiful/Arbor Day festivities, arriving when Kyle and Erich got there with Mary Jane and Barney. Watched a signing storyteller, and saw the display of prize-winning art and essays of Providence school children. Erich won first place for grades 2 and 3 with a painting of a tree with a toothpick treehouse, and kids climbing a rope. Someone had written across the top “Come Home to a Tree.”
We had to wait and wait for the Providence Mayor, while watching a horse chestnut tree get planted, and seedlings being given away. Finally the mayor arrived to give certificates to the 10 semi-finalists in each category. For first place, Erich also got the book, “A Giving Tree,” four tickets to the Romeo and Juliet ballet, an Arbor Day medal, and a coupon for Archway cookies! The boys got a seedling that they will plant in our new yard. Erich had his book autographed by the mayor.
Mayor Joseph R Paolino signs Erich's book
Erich and his first place painting
Erich with his certificate, and Kent