Saturday, September 18, 2021

Chanticleer Gardens (9/18/2021)

Saturday, September 18, 2021
We met fellow Viking Explorers, Joyce and Larry, at Chanticleer Gardens, which we had not visited since 10/4/2019. This is a dynamic garden with plants changing all the time.
Tennis Court Garden
Gomphocarpus physocarpus/Butterfly Balls
Dahlia 'Mikayla Miranda' (KSS)
Beanpole with tomato plants (KSS)
Looking from the vegetable garden to the cutting garden
Actinidia arguta/Hardy Kiwi fruit
Lycoris radiata/Red Spider Lily (KSS)
2011 Greenhouse with tomato "vines"
Bell's Woodland Plant List Box
(someday we will have to go check out
all the plant list boxes at Chanticleer!) (KSS)
"Base" end of the Fallen Tree Bridge (2012)
Hibiscus coccineus/Scarlet Rose Mallow
Suillus americanus/Chicken Fat Mushrooms, perhaps
1940s waterwheel was used to pump water from
Bell's Run Stream to the swimming pool, or at least
to the fountains on the house terrace (KSS)
Cyclops Creek drops into
Bell's Run Stream (KSS)
Arid plants at the arbor
The Arbor
Nymphaea 'Lemon Scent' Waterlilies in Pond 4
Nelumbo 'Mrs Perry D Slocum' Lotus in Pond 1
One of a pair of handcarved bridge handrails (KSS)
Koi continue to gather near the pathway where humans stop
Paeonia obovata/Japanese Forest Peony;
the seeds are seen after the seed pod opens up
Asian Woods rock pool on moss (KSS)
Japanese Teahouse-style public restrooms!
Tree stump water fountain
Colchicum autumnale/Fall Crocus in the Bulb Meadow
This year the Serpentine is planted with Sorghum bicolor
Sorghum seed head (KSS)
Now there are three Yucca rostrata/
Beaked Yuccas
Stokesia laevis 'Colorwheel' Stoke's Aster
Gravel Garden Stone Furniture (KSS)
The stone sofa even has a stone remote control
The Ruin Folly (KSS)
Pool table?
We know "mighty oaks from little acorns grow,"
but what grows from mighty acorns?!
A special rock collection
Marble Faces Fountain in the "Pool Room" (KSS)
Fountain at the end of the reflecting pool
on the house terrace (KSS)
Aechmea 'Lady D' (KSS)
Chanticleer House (1913, wing added 1924)
Red twigs outside, rather than inside, the planter
Forecourt Zen-like raked gravel garden
Metal handrailing at the Teacup Garden
Neoregelia 'Charisma'
Joyce spotted this praying mantis!
We continued with lunch at Minella's Diner and then a tour of the "Ravenna, Ohio Model Railroad Layout" in the basement of the home of Larry and Joyce. Many thanks to those two for a great day along the Main Line!