Thursday, April 15, 2021

Taber Museum, Williamsport, PA (4/14/2021)

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Visited the Thomas T Taber Museum in Williamsport, PA, using our Tyler Arboretum membership.
Thomas T Taber Museum, named for a local historian and
philanthropist, is of the Lycoming County Historical Society
Relatively small wooden American Native
head carvings by Peter Wolf Toth
Kent with the wind vane from the old
Lycoming County courthouse (1804)
Working model of a canal lock of the
West Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal
Permanent wave (hair) machine (c 1940)
Model of the Little League Park, plus local
sports celebrities Mike Mussina (major league
baseball pitcher) and Kelly Mazzante
(professional women's basketball/WNBA player)
Dog tags and Purple Heart Medal of Billy O Brandt,
and Purple Heart medal of Paul B Free, both
having died in the attack on Pearl Harbor
One of many miniature rooms on display
Silverware was also on display in the community room
Life-size diorama of a one-room schoolhouse
Miniature diorama of bark peelers
Williamsport was the Lumber Capital of the World (1838-1906).
Miniature diorama of a pole road or stringer road,
which were forerunners of the logging railroad
Miniature diorama of a sawmill
Elaborate Manor Hall House (c 1930)
A peek into the living room of the Manor Hall House
Entering the Shempp Model Train Exhibit (KSS)
A general view of part of the large display of model trains
Model engines that were built in Montoursville, PA
by Bowser Manufacturing (KSS)
Part of the O-gauge model train layout
The roundhouse of the HO-gauge model train layout (KSS)
Part of the HO-gauge model train layout
Model trains (KSS)
New York Central Mercury locomotive
in "streamline moderne" (KSS)
American Flyer train sets (KSS)
An Erector Set kit (by A C Gilbert Company)
of a Hudson locomotive (KSS)
American Flyer "Mayflower" (1931, extremely rare) (KSS)
New York Bicycle by Demorest Manufacturing Company (KSS)
Woven cord on the chain guard and fender kept a
lady's skirt from catching in the chain or spokes (KSS)
Peter Herdic Transportation Museum in the former train station garage
Peter Herdic Transportation Museum streetcar
One of two remaining 1949 Pennsylvania Pullman cars
Former Herdic House Hotel (1864-1865, by Eber Culver)
lost its top two floors to a fire; in 1940 it became a retirement
home for elderly ladies; now it is renovated as an office center