Sunday, June 26, 2016

Chapin Forest Reservation (6/26/2016)

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Bob W joined us for a morning hike in Chapin Forest Reservation in Kirtland, OH.
Bob, Kent, Brynne, and Gus
We followed the Lucky Stone Trail
Lucky stones are quartz pebbles brought here by glaciers
Chapin Ledges are made of Sharon Conglomerate (sand and stone)
that broke off when the underlying shale eroded
Chapin Ledges
Some of the stones in the Sharon
Conglomerate are the lucky quartz pebbles
Chapin Ledges
Bent but still alive beech tree
Conopholis americana/Squawroot, a parasitic plant
growing from the roots of oak and beech trees
Lucky Stones Trail: SE loop
Sharon Conglomerate
What's that on the Lucky Stones Trail NW loop? (KSS)
Pantherophis alleghaniansis/Eastern Ratsnake,
a good four feet long (KSS)
Eastern Ratsnake (KSS)
Historic Sperry Quarry, where from 1959-1972, the Sharon
Conglomerate was removed and crushed to extract sand and gravel
A view of the Cleveland skyline from 16-18 miles away
Gus and Brynne at the Historic
Sperry Quarry Lookout
Bob and Kent emerge from the woods
More Sharon Conglomerate
We returned to civilization for lunch at the New Heights Grill in Cleveland Heights, where the gentlemen found further evidence of NBA Cleveland Cavaliers fever/pride...

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ohio Derby (6/25/2016)

Saturday, June 25, 2016
We live only three miles from the Thistledown Race Track, which has thoroughbred horse racing in season. It also has a casino, recently named JACK Thistledown Racino. The track is home to the Ohio Derby, the only graded stakes race in the state of Ohio.
Today was Ohio Derby Day. After parking for free in the new parking ramp, we had to walk through the Racino to the track, meaning Brynne had to prove she was at least 21-years old. Plenty of slot machines and places to eat.
JACK Thistledown Racino
Thistledown Grandstand
The undyed beard look...
We were in time for the seventh race of the day, and placed a bet on a horse with a jockey wearing purple.
Mo Don't No supporters
Big bettors Tamiko and Kent (PBB)
Our money is on this horse, La Nina Branca
(actually hidden behind his lead pony)
And they're off!
Down the stretch!
Well, the wrong purple won!
Justalittlesmoke in the Winner's Circle
The winner gets sprayed down
The eighth race was the Ohio Derby, with a purse of $500,000.
This time we, as Clevelanders, bet on the long shot/underdog:
Riding in the Wind
The favorite, Mo Tom, wins
The trophies for the day, and a garland of roses
Mo Tom gets the garland of roses in the Winner's Circle
Presentation of trophies, with four Cleveland
Cavaliers cheerleaders adding to the group
As in other sport venues, they throw t-shirts into
the crowd, and Kent snagged one, which
 means we came out even in the betting game...

West Woods (6/25/2016)

Saturday, June 25, 2016
Decided on a hike closer to home, this time at West Woods in Russell, OH. It was dark in the forest of hardwood trees.
A downed tree left what looks like God's chisel
Kent on a boardwalk
Not much to see except benches donated by
organizations and individuals
View from the bench of dried out Pebble Brook
Bridge on Ansel's Cave Trail
Slate-like dry creek bed
Ansel's Cave is not really a cave but was called a cave by early settlers
if rock ledges or overhangs protected them from the elements
Ansel Savage lived in a home near the cave in the early 1800s. It may have been used by runaway slaves and bootleggers. Today you cannot explore the area due to the dangers of falling or slippery rocks, and also to protect the fragile terrain and the stream running through it. Another sign indicated the presence of white nose syndrome, which is fatal to bats, and keeping humans out means we won't spread the disease.
Reflection in some water in Pebble Brook
Kent at a Sharon Conglomerate sandstone ledge
Sharon Conglomerate is rock made from sand and pebbles that was deposited on shale. The Conglomerate resists erosion while the shale beneath disappears. The unstable Conglomerate breaks away, leaving sheer cliffs and deep crevices.
This "cave" is a dead end!
Gus at the Green Roof Building; growing plants on the roof
will slow storm water runoff to reduce flooding and
pollution, and acts as insulation for the building
Trout Lily Trail boardwalk with Brynne and Gus
Sunset Overlook
View from Sunset Overlook
Gus, Brynne, and Kent take a break
Man-made stick pile
Discovery Trail has information panels
Pond of duckweed