Saturday, June 27, 1987

1987 Red Sox, RISD, Muggsy Bogues (5/28 and 6/27/1987)

Thursday, May 28, 1987
Left before 18:00 to pick up Kyle and Erich to drive to Boston for their first Red Sox and MLB game. We found a $6 parking spot only a couple blocks form Fenway Park. Found our seats by 19:15 for the 19:35 game of the Boston Red Sox vs the Cleveland Indians. I kept score on the scorecard, and we saw several home runs by the wrong team. We were able to fill out All Star ballots. The boys had ice cream bars after snacking on juices and fruit wrinkles. It was hot and muggy, made bearable by a slight breeze. We left in the middle of the fifth inning at about 21:30, with the Sox behind 4-7. Apparently they did well the rest of the game, because they won 12-8!
Red Sox ticket
Also went to a Paw Sox game

Saturday, June 27, 1987
It was a rainy day, so we took Kyle and Erich to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum of Art. We parked on Main Street and took the stairs up the alleyway to the main entrance on Benefit Street. Paid the donation of $1 per adult and 25 cents per child.
RISD guide
The lobby displayed a few items: pieces of sculpture and gold jewelry from the Roman era. I had thought this was a gallery of student art, but this was a “real” art museum, and more extensive than I imagined. We came in on the fourth level and headed to the Pendleton House with Newport-type furniture and an old card game table. We took the stairs to the third level to the Porcelain Gallery. The special exhibit was SchoolArt, art by students from nearly all the Rhode Island schools, grades K-12. A middle room had doll and children’s furniture, and the other special exhibits were photographic. One artist did colored tones on photographs, in burnt orange and silver. The other artist painted certain areas of his photos.
Down more stairs to see a totem pole. We followed a narrow corridor of contemporary paintings, passing offices, to galleries of modern art and sculptures, and ceramics. We were impressed by the Exclamation Point “sculpture” and a large wooden chair/desk. We went down to the children’s room, then returned to the fourth floor. Saw an early Picasso, as we went from Neo-classical/French to immature Baroque and religious Renaissance to ancient medieval. Good representation of artists. Finally through Impressionism. Upstairs to see samurai armor, and a Japanese noble’s taxi. There was the Egyptian Room had a mummy, the Ethnographic Gallery, and a Buddha. A room of Japanese prints, most by Utagawa Hiroshige who did the 36 Views of Mount Fuji, of which five were here. Some examples of Indian and Chinese art, and then we were done. It was pouring rain, so Kent ran to get the car to pick us up.
We went to 17:00 Mass, had a quick dinner, then headed to the Warwick campus of the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) to see the USBL All Stars play the RI Gulls. We thought we had arrived early for the 19:30 game, but there was a long line for tickets. We paid $5 per adult and $3 per kid, and walked into a packed gym!
USBL All Stars ticket
We ended up sitting on steps in the aisle, and still more people were coming in. Nancy Lieberman, a female player for the United States Basketball League, was doing color for the TV station. We saw World B Free and other past NBA players. There was a slam dunk contest between four players, and then the game began. A bit more playground ball than NBA, with a few exciting plays. A characteristic pistol pass. Lots of turnovers and rebounds. The RI Gulls were slowly getting further behind in the scoring. Halftime saw the final of the slam dunk contest, and Billy Donovan tried to match consecutive free throws with the guy who holds the title to the most in the Guinness Book of World Records. We left after the third quarter, but read later that the Gulls pulled out a win. Amazing to see was the “dwarf-like” (compared to the NBA players) 5’3” Muggsy Bogues (of the Gulls), who reportedly can slam dunk the ball.