Wednesday, June 26, 1985

1985 Gloucester, MA (6/25-26/1985)

Wednesday, June 25, 1985
After Kent came home from work, we took off for Gloucester, MA. It was a decent day, but had become increasingly cloudier the farther north we went. Went through town and found Bass Rocks Motor Inn, which was directly on the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived at 19:00 and met Bob L and his friend Ernie W to go to dinner. It started drizzling as we drove to Rockport, an artsy type tourist town; once a haven for artists. Bob and Ernie kept up a friendly banter and had funny stories to tell. We made it to a home-style family restaurant called the Woods, where you get your food at a counter, then eat at wooden picnic tables. We didn’t see any of the rest of the group, and no fresh lobsters, so we walked across the street to Tom Shea’s restaurant. It was much more elegant with flowers and a candle on the table, and cloth napkins. The guys ordered drinks. I had a cup of clam chowder, Kent had marinated herring, and Ernie had smoked salmon for appetizers. After the salads, Ernie and I each had a giant bowl full of steamer clams that came with tiny bowls of clam broth and drawn butter, with a baked potato and an ear of corn. I couldn’t eat even half the steamers. Ernie had originally thought the bowl was too small, but he couldn’t finish them either. Kent had a broiled salmon steak, and Bob ordered three lobsters (that is why he didn’t have an appetizer!). He managed to eat the meat of all three, but he didn’t eat the roe or coagulated “blood” of the lobster, so Ernie had me try them. The roe was okay, meatier tasting and not as salty as caviar. I like red much better than black caviar. The creamy blood was also good, with an exquisite taste. I hadn’t chosen lobster tonight because of the price, not realizing the dinner was on Bob’s expense account! Ernie got dessert of a cake soaked in Bailey’s, and Kent and Bob got fancy coffees.
As we ate we could see that a storm was raging outside the picture windows, as the rain was whipped sideways, upwards, and in every direction except down. We drove back to the hotel about 23:00, and since no one else was around, we went to bed. We had an end room with the usual sliding glass doors to a balcony and also a picture window looking out at the ocean. Waves were dashing on the rocks. It was an above average motel room, but not worth the $76/night, just for the view?

Thursday June 26, 1985
We were up at 6:00 to find the weather had not improved.
View from the hotel
The wind was still blowing lawn furniture around. We checked out of the hotel and headed for the docks with the deep sea fishing boats. We met others from the group there and sat in the Gull Restaurant. As we figured, the deep sea fishing trip was cancelled; we were nor’eastered out, but there was still the problem of the catered food. After breakfast we returned to Bob’s room in the hotel to play Trivial Pursuit with Rit T and Bob vs Kent (and me…). Kent won three games. The caterer brought the perishable food: cold cuts, rolls, fruit and Danishes, and beer. We had roast beef sandwiches and potato salad.
Kent and I left at 13:00. It had stopped raining, but still was gusty windy.
Bass Rocks Motor Inn to the left
Stormy coast
Twin lighthouses of Thacher Island
We drove up to Rockport and through town, continuing to Pigeon’s Cove and followed home-made signs to the Paper House. It is built entirely with newspapers. It looked like a little cabin and the furniture was also supposed to be made with newspaper.
Paper House (1922)
We headed back to SR 128 and were home by 16:00.

Monday, June 17, 1985

1985 June Events (6/8,10,17/1985)

Saturday, June 8, 1985
After watching Erich's T-ball game, we went strawberry picking in Seekonk, MA.
Kyle at the strawberry farm
Tamiko found a strawberry
We picked nearly six pounds of strawberries!

Monday, June 10, 1985
Kyle and Erich came to celebrate Kent's birthday before dinner.
Kent and Erich
Kent and Kyle
We had a Black Forest cake from Gregg's that wasn't too popular with the kids, so they had strawberries and ice cream.

Monday, May 17, 1985
After dinner with Kyle and Erich, we went to the Emmanuel Baptist Church on Charles Street, where Erich attends Prime Time Preschool. Tonight was his graduation, as the kids paraded in, listened to a short speech by teacher Pam M, who then sang the "goodbye" song to each student, who received a diploma and a lollipop. Later there were refreshments and a video of the kids.
Prime Time Preschool students and Pam M
Erich holds his diploma and lollipop aloft