Sunday, March 17, 1985

1985 Kyle's Birthday (3/17/1985)

Sunday, March 17, 1985
Kyle with a bubble bath beard
After church we kept Kyle and Erich, and fed them lunch. At 14:30 we arrived at the Pawtucket YMCA for Kyle’s birthday party. A room was set up for a party of 10 boys. When the guests arrived, they went swimming until 15:30.
Party participants
The Birthday Boy
Kyle waits for the start of the race
And they are off!
Kyle takes a dive
Erich takes a leap
Drying off
Next was cake and ice cream, and punch.
Blowing out the candles

Cutting the cake
Then the opening of gifts.
Kyle and the pile of gifts
Opening gifts
What a haul! Erich and Ben received gifts, too.

Kyle holds a quarter with his eye
Afterwards the traditional party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
Kyle pinning the tail on the donkey
Musical chairs
Kyle with balloon
Erich with balloon
Kyle and Erich went home with their mom.