Saturday, January 18, 1986

1986 George Washington State Park, RI (1/18/1986)

Saturday, January 18, 1986
Kyle had basketball at St Augustine’s this morning and Erich had swimming at the Pawtucket YMCA. A squirrel was doing acrobatics trying to reach the neighbor’s birdfeeder.
After lunch, we drove on this sunny warm day (nearly 60 degrees) to George Washington State Park. We followed the snowmobile trail a ways after skipping rocks on some ice. We turned into the campsites and forged our way through the woods to the lake. The lake was frozen, but melting.
Melting ice on lake
We walked along the edge on the ice, then headed into the woods to return to the car.
Erich and Kyle
The Rock
We stopped for ice cream at Colony Ice Cream in Greenville, RI. Kyle had gotten his retainer last Wednesday and usually he has a container to keep it in while eating. We didn’t bring it along, not expecting to eat. When wearing it, he has to slurp back saliva, and it effects his speech.

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