Saturday, June 14, 1986

1986 Georgiaville Lake Beach Park (6/14/1986)

Saturday, June 14, 1986
Kent was a big help in getting a good housecleaning done. We went to Erich’s (and Ben’s) T-ball game at 9:00, where they played as many complete innings as possible in an hour, ending with a tie score. I found a four-leaf clover.
Four-leaf clover
After lunch we drove to the Georgiaville Lake Beach Park, where Kent and the boys tried out the raft. Across the lake on a pine covered hillside was a long rope from which kids were swinging out and dropping into the water. Kent rowed himself over and tried the swing a couple times. There were also water skiers.
Back home we started our garden. Found some interesting bugs, some looking like pure white fuzzballs with wings.
Kyle and Kent watch Celtic basketball
Kyle's 1985-1986 school photo
Erich's 1985-1986 school photo

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