Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hong Kong: Markets (11/13/2011)

Sunday, November 13, 2011
Doing well in having good weather!
View from our hotel room:
We took a city double-decker tram/trolley:
It cost us one Hong Kong dollar each, like 13 cents!
This guy was delivering chicken parts:
The Chung Hui Mansion, a flatiron building:
Notice driving on the left side of the road:
and lots of red taxis.
The new Bank of China Tower and the Lippo Centre:
The Lippo Centre was built in 1988 and designed by American architect Paul Rudolph. It is nicknamed the "Koala Tree" because it looks like koalas climbing a tree...
The Bank of China Tower reflected in the Fairmont House:
The Legislative Council (LegCo) Building with Two IFC behind it.
The LegCo was built in 1912 and designed by Sir Aston Webb and Ingress Bell. It was the former Supreme Court building.
A side street, Pottinger Road:
I know, a road with steps!
The Old Central Police Station:
Built in 1919.
Old police barracks?
If these are indeed the barracks, they were built in 1864.
Former Central Magistracy:
Built 1913-1914.
Wing Wah Lane:
Met Ken & Jennifer in Kowloon to visit the markets. First the Flower Market:
Nepenthes/pitcher plants:
Lucky bamboo:
We missed lotus blooming season, so this was our first look at fresh blooms!
Buddha's Hand: 
Rings in roses and Christmas decor:
Unidentified flowers:
Green lanterns:
I think it's meat and dumplings on rice congee.
Maids' day off:
On Sundays, the day off for maids, they gather in large groups in parks or on streets that have been closed for them, to eat and socialize.
Next the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden/Market.
A Yellow-fronted Canary:
A Butcher Bird?
Bald cockatiels:
We think they are bald because they are still young.
Live grasshoppers for bird food:
Red-billed Leiothrix:
A variety of birds:
I want to identify the birds in the top right cage.
A performing cockatoo:
What happened to the feathers around his neck?
General view of the bird market:
Bird owners: 
Amazon parrots: 
Now the Goldfish Market, which is so much more than goldfish!  
Sidewalk vendor:
Leopard Tortoise: 
Hmm, tripe for lunch? 
African Spurred Tortoises and a Red-footed Tortoise: 
 Xingu River Ray:
India Star Tortoises:
Christmas window display: 
Next, we head for an island! (Continued in next blog.)



The xingu river's ray comes to your contry by ilegal action!!!!!!

Jacksonville Stumpes said...

Yes, it could be these are illegally imported Potamotrygon leopoldi/Xingu River Rays. There is an annual sales quota set by the IBAMA(Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).


Unfortunately Brazil is a very corrupted country and actually there’s no annual quota, unless this annual quota persists by the 365 days per year! Come here to see what people like you and people like customers are doing to this place!!!

Jax Stumpes said...

I see that Glauco is quite passionate about this, and I am glad I only brought home a photo of the ray. Do check out his Blogspot.


Ok, sorry for inconvenience