Sunday, November 6, 2011

Moganshan Art District (11/6/2011)

Sunday, November 6, 2011
A bit drier today.
Our goal was the Moganshan Art District of Shanghai.
On Changhua Road, a seamstress had set up business with her treadle sewing machine:
Moganshan Road has a long wall of graffiti:
A USA theme:
Canadian theme:
M99 Gallery with a paintbrush sculpture:
Demolition on one side of the street:
Art galleries on the other side of the street:
The original art gallery complex, M50:
M50 was a former textile and/or flour factory complex:
Metal worker Mr. Iron:
Rooftop Cafe with a view of Suzhou Creek:
We had lunch at Bandu Cafe:
Chinese pancake with pork:
The "pancake" was a flaky pastry.
Spicy wontons:
An elevator opened out on the street:
Eastlink Gallery, waterfall:
Eastlink Gallery:
The Far Beyond the Firewall Exhibit at Island 6 Gallery had some very unique high tech art. Most of it comprised of LED lighting or video behind the art, such as a print of a tree and a ghostly red video of someone on a swing hung from the tree, or a fire in a cityscape:
Or the dressers with mirrors where lighted messages popped up.
The other "genre" was real video of a person near a telephone booth. There was writing on the wall saying to "Call 139..." If you had a local phone and actually called the number, the person in the video would answer the phone, then disappear, dropping the handset. You would get a message that the line was busy. Then someone else would enter the video, hang up the phone, and stand around doing whatever (one was a photographer, another an artist drawing, etc.) until the phone rang again! Answer and disappear, there were four different people. The last showed a picture of a reclining girl and a phone number. You called the number, and she would start rubbing herself, and you would hear that she enjoyed your call. Later you would get messages from that phone number, asking you to call again, or to meet at the VIP lounge, etc. So it was a good thing I was with Kent to understand where these messages came from!
Try to see "Waiting for Godot:"
BIG sculptures:
Living area:
by the factory steam whistle?
Shanghai Railway Station Plaza sculpture:
located between the two wings of Holiday Inn Downtown.
On the way home, we managed to get seats on the Metro. Another unusual happening: a young couple sitting across from us asked where we were from. She was from North Carolina (and he from Holland), but both were Chinese. Next unusual event: on the crowded train, a circa 5-year old girl came up to Kent, stared at him and kept bumping her leg on his. She finally gave up and went across the train to the young man. He got the hint that she wanted his seat!

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