Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hawai'i - Birding, Etc. (12/27/2011)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
After climbing Diamond Head, we drove east on Kalaniana'ole Highway, to see some Obama sights. Then per Lance's recommendation on the Oahu Natural Highlights Tour, we went to the town of Kailua. We found the Down to Earth vegetarian store and cafe (201 Hamakua Drive), and parked behind it on a "canal."
This was part of the Hamakua Marsh where we were promised a sighting of Nycticorax nycticorax/Auku'u/Black-crowned Night Herons: 
A female Black-crowned Night Heron, a pigeon, and a couple female Mallards:
The male night heron: 
Fulica alai/Alae'ke'oke'o/Hawaiian Coot:
Gallinula chloropus sandvicensis/Alae'ula/Hawaiian Gallinule: 
The "canal:"
After a vegetarian lunch at Down to Earth, we headed to Island Snow Shave Ice (130 Kailua Road):
It is never referred to as "shaved ice," always "shave ice." A machine shaves the ice and a human has to pack it tall in a paper cone:
You then have a choice of up to three flavors and a couple toppings:
The results are very sweet!
Brynne & Kent: 
Next door, there was a booming business of renting ocean kayaks, but it was strange to see people walking down the street with the craft: 
Heading back to Honolulu, we returned to the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout because it was sunny: 
Here is the panorama today:
The old Pali Highway:
Um, trying to get a windy photo...
Next we used our discount tickets to the Waikiki Aquarium (2777 Kalakaua Avenue). Opened in 1904, it is the third oldest aquarium in the United States. It showcases the local marine life, including corals:
A Nautilus pompilius/Chambered Nautilus:
The endangered Monachus schauinslandi/Hawaiian Monk Seal:
Colorful giant clams:
Farther along at 2863 Kalakaua Avenue, we found the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel:
Although the hotel has changed hands and names over the years, it still contains the Hau Tree Lanai:
The location was originally the Victorian residence of the McInerny family. The home had a lanai with a wood railing under the shade of Hibiscus tileaceus/Hau Trees/Sea Hibiscus:
It is said that Robert Louis Stevenson enjoyed the shade of these hau trees while lounging and writing.
Nearby was the War Memorial: 
A tremendous facade to a now-closed ocean water natatorium. Completed in 1927 in Hawaiian Beaux-Arts style, efforts to restore the swimming pool have been halted.
Carpodacus mutans/Hawaiian Linnet/House Finch:
View of Diamond Head from Waikiki:
We drove along Diamond Head Road, to Diamond Head Lookout past the lighthouse, in order to find the Amelia Earhart Memorial:
This plaque commemorates Earhart's 1935 flight from Wheeler Field to Oakland, CA.
View from Diamond Head Lookout:
For dinner, we decided to try the restaurant near the hotel that always had a long line outside, the Japanese Marukame Udon Noodle Shop (2310 Kuhio Street):
Yet, the line moved, and somehow by the time you ordered your food cafeteria-style, there was a place to sit. The udon noodles were freshly made. You choose your broth, then add some toppings (tempura, musubi, or inari), and pay at the cash register.
Happy customers:
We missed our chance to try spam musubi - grilled spam on rice wrapped in seaweed, something else that Obama has eaten.


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