Saturday, March 17, 2012

*R-rated St. Paddy's Day in Shanghai (3/17/2012)

Thursday, March 15, 2012
First, I found the Nanjing Lu Fake Market, which I had always assumed was just off the pedestrian section.
It is officially called Hancheng City. Could not find the type of travel purse I wanted. Stopped in at Westgate Plaza, with its interesting bank of escalators:
In the lobby, they were having a Japan Fair:
This mall is based on the Japanese department store, the Isetan. They had brought in lots of Japanese products to sell. I ended up getting a purse there, with a shoulder strap!

Friday, March 16, 2012
Barbara showed me a couple of shopping finds she had discovered. First, I have no need to go all the way to Qibao for indigo-dyed fabric items. Here in Shanghai there is the Chinese Hand-printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall:
You needed a guide to find the place down an alley and around a couple corners into a courtyard through a lovely wrought-iron gate:
Barbara also took me to Yasmine's Butchery, which was truly a step into a European butcher shop! (No corned beef!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Shanghai has embraced the American holidays of Halloween and St. Valentine's Day, but not St. Patrick's Day! The few Irish pubs disdained to follow American traditions, so we did not have our corned beef and cabbage (what poor Irishman could afford corned beef brisket?!). It's lucky we don't need green beer! So we had some traditional Irish fare of fish'n'chips and lamb stew, along with Irish beer.

Kent started the day at the Camel Sports Bar with Barbara & John, to catch a few NCAA basketball games. Later we all met for lunch.
On Tianjiao Road, O'Malley's is ready for St. Patrick's Day revelers:
The fencing was covered by advertisements from Guinness beer:
Since O'Malley's did not have corned beef & cabbage, we tried The Blarney Stone on Dongping Road:
Same Guinness advertising:
Fish'n'chips with a bunny lemon wedge: 
A giant leprechaun in the house:
Some Irish-Americans:
We did not stay until the wee hours drinking and listening to bands, though.
This is the Blarney Stone the next week without the full-size Guinness ads:

Sunday, March 18, 2012
A day for Longtang walks. Longtangs are laneways...
Metro Line 1 to Shaanxi Nan Road, and a walk down Huaihai Road to see this greenspace:
The guy working in the park kept pace and company with the guy working on the sidewalk:
At 927 Huaihai Road, the Huaihai Fang:
Lanes and side lanes, but no obvious commercial or retail establishments.
Lots of safety posters and murals:
Wrought-iron balcony and old pomegranates:
Another lane:
A loquat tree grows in a tiny courtyard:
The most eye-catching gate:
A lane garden:
(Some paperwhites are beginning to bloom!)
Fence supports:
A fishmongery:
We exited Huaihai Fang on Maoming Road. Walked north to where all the tailors are located.
This mannequin was caught with his pants down:
A window display with the dresser turned on its side:
Farther north on Maoming Road, 56 Gourmet Zone:
Is that supposed to be a snake?
On Jinxian Road, the other end of 56 Gourmet Zone:
Off Jinxian Road, a dirty alley:
Antique furniture, from the Ming Dynasty:
Wujiang Road sculpture:
At 1025 Nanjing Xi Road, another Longtang called Jing'an Villa:
Many side lanes, more shops and cafes.
A gate:
Gold-accented gate:
We need a list of shops for this Longtang.

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