Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CY Tung Maritime Museum, Flower Markets (4/1,3,6/2012)

Sunday, April 1, 2012
I was thinking there were no April Fool's jokes today, but wait!

We headed to Tianzifang, a warren of lanes full of shops, cafes, and galleries, that we have visited a couple times already. This time we wanted to see an exhibit of photographs from the Cultural Revolution.
We entered Tianzifang on a lane between buildings marked 200 and 220, which was Lane 210! Then we had to find building 5 then the 5th floor, then the room number for Beau Geste Gallery. But the door was locked, despite the hours showing as open Sat & Sun at 10:00.
I guess that was our April Fool. It was still closed when we returned after brunch.
Buddha and Mao side by side in a shop:
Who is Mr. Comma?
A typical lane:
Tamiko holds up the doorframe:
A dried gourd plant:
A miniature koi pond:
Cats on the roof:
We had brunch at the Kommune Cafe. The set-up:
Besides eating utensils and napkins, it contained tubes of salt, pepper and sugar:
Is this the latest western fashion?
Soup is served with bread in a retro thermos:
No spoons, so we slurped cups of minestrone.
The famous Big Daddy breakfast: 
Including a spoon of butter!

Later we walked over to Jiaotong University with its old library:
Viola sp./Violets:
Kent and a rusty anchor:
The C. Y. Tung Maritime Museum:
In a building constructed in 1910 as a student residence.
After much research, we have decided these are plum blossoms:
Please correct us if we are wrong!
Flowering Quince shrub:
Chaenomeles sp./Flowering Quince blossoms:
University quad - big balls:
This makes more sense when you have to watch the TV series "Wipeout" because there is nothing else to watch.
Following the rules, not:
There's lawn bowling going on in the background.
Cherry blossom buds:
How many water bottles can you carry on a motor scooter?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
In search of a flower market, passed this hotel:
The Cercis chinensis/Redbuds are in full bloom:
A park along Qinzhou Road at Tianlin Road: 
Can we call this reverse planking?
A bunker?
Vinca major/Big Periwinkle:
Iris confusa/Bamboo Iris:
The Qinqing Flower Market:
Those tree trunks looked like petrified wood.
A bear bouquet:
Bears in a bouquet:
Chinese bouquets:
What did they do with the cacti?
A stonescape with a rolling lighted ball:
Sign of a busy florist:
Friday, April 6, 2012
Looking for another flower market.
A park along the power line right-of-way:
A barber in the park: 
Welcome to the Lanling Flower Market:
Market entrance:
Porcelain shop:
The flower market often is combined with the pet market.
Bichon frise puppies for sale:
Goldfish of all kinds:
Dog booties:
Aquarium decorations: 
Including Chinese mannekin pis.
A florist at work: 
Wrapping each rose in tissue paper.
There was also an antique market:

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