Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jing'an Sculpture Park (4/4/2012)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Today is Qingming Festival Day, a holiday. Traditionally a day to clean the tombs of the ancestors, but now a day to honor ancestors, or perhaps just fly a kite.
Our walk took us past some brick buildings, sort of shikumen-style:
On Beijing Xi Road.
We decided to check out the Jing'an Sculpture Park. 
"Girouette Monumentale" (2010):
Stainless steel by Philippe Hiquily of France.
Note the roller blading lesson.
"Harmony" of the Elemental Spring series:  
By Barbara Edelstein of the USA and Shanghai.
"Colors of Happiness" (2008):
Bronze by Peter Woytuk of the USA.
"Sag Portal" (2006):
Stainless steel by Hans Van de Bovenkamp of the USA.
"Being Beauteous" (1983):
Bronze by Arman of France.
"Apollo, the Offering" (1986):
Bronze by Arman of France.
A different perspective:
A cat joins Apollo:
"Flying Colors" (2007): 
Bronze by Georges Saulterre of France.
"The Everlasting Moment on the Plain:"
Bronze by Peter Woytuk of the USA.
"Red Beacon" (2010):
Wood by Arne Quinze of Belgium.
Cattle and toddlers:
"Large Parrot Screams Color" (2007):
Bronze by Jim Dine of the USA. 
We came back later in the day, and the sun was gone.
Dough-figure sculptor:
"Cockedoodledoo" (2007):
Stainless steel by Hans Van de Bovenkamp of the USA.
Cherry blossoms:
"Orange Tree" (2010):
Aluminum by Alexander Arrechea of Cuba. (That little boy actually made a basket!)
"Garden in the Sky" (2010):
Stainless steel by Zhan Wang of China.
Stainless steel cut-out reflected in the pool:
Bronzes by Antoine Poncet of France:
Note the trees are in dry wells.
Another stainless steel sculpture:
Boys will be boys:
"City Fantasy" (2010):
Bronze group by Joy Brown of the USA.
There's more:
 In the meadow: 
There were several uniformed persons blowing their whistles. It seemed you were not supposed to climb on the sculptures, despite sculptor Peter Woytuk wanting his cattle to be "interactive."
More Qingming activity in the next blog.

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