Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heping Park (5/12/2012)

Dear Mom & Dad,
What if you were to consider the blog our written letter to you, with "a few" photos enclosed?
In answer to your question, "What did you do this week?" Well, last:
Saturday, May 12, 2012
We explored Heping Park in Shanghai, thanks to a suggestion by Colin & Sharon.
We were happy to note that one of the services of the park was to provide your daily drugs:
(We are sure they mean a First Aid Kit!)
The bird owners brought their birds to socialize together:
We found a couple plants we could not identify:
A shrub/tree:
Another shrub/tree/vine; this one with multi-colored flowers, Weigele florida:
A spectator sport:
Rental boats passing by a horizontal tree:
Sculptures, presumably of life during an earlier era:
A kite flier needs a substantial string holder:
Public karaoke:
The inflatable playground - full of kids:
Water lilies:
This park had "Animal Island" where the animals have "migrated here."
Despite "No Feeding" signs:
Someone placed bread on the fence for the parakeets:
This old man was trying to rub the velvet on the deer horns:
Cervus nippon/Sitka Deer:
For 50 cents you could get a bowl of vegetable leavings:
To feed the goats and bunnies:
This rabbit looked like a well-worn old stuffed animal:
The hideous but strangely endearing Dromaius novaehollandiae/Emu:
The peacock/pheasant enclosure of patio blocks and gravel:
The Panthera tigris altaica/Siberian Tiger:
Bubble gun:
The Brown Bear enclosure:
I am guessing these are Ursus arcto isabellinus/Himalayan Brown Bears:
"What?! I don't eat salad!"
View from the animal island:
Striding? Must be a British term:
Cygnus atratus/Black Swan family with play pen:
Feeding tubes for the monkeys:
Need to make sure they are not underage:
Exercise or gossip?
Front row seats for the white pigeons:
Motorized stuffed animal ride:
The Space Launch ride:
We rode on this one; here's the view:
"Head-Wagging Rocking Chair Program:"
This park had a roller skating rink:
"Luxurious Revolving Horse Program:"
That boy has great peripheral aim:
Fishing with poles that reach across the pond:
Outside the park; today we have range tops for sale:
The tubing man:
We celebrated Doce de Mayo at Peter's Tex-Mex Grill:
Another nice day in Shanghai,
Tamiko & Kent

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