Thursday, June 28, 2012

Singapore 1 Zoo (6/28/2012)

Thursday, June 28, 2012
After leaving the Eastern & Oriental Express at the Woodlands Checkpoint, we took a taxi to the nearest Metro station, then purchased EZ-Link cards to ride the train from the northwest part of Singapore Island, to near the center of the south side in the Colonial District. Exiting at Dhoby Ghaut Station, we had a short walk to the Fort Canning Lodge:
This is actually a YWCA lodging; it was inexpensive, clean, and convenient:
After dropping off the suitcases, we went around the block to Fish & Co. for lunch:
Clean and modern, Kent ordered using an iPad:
If he looks unhappy, it is because they don't serve beer here!
But they have nice fish and chips:
We took the Metro, then a bus north to the Singapore Zoo.
Greeted by giraffes:
Opened in 1973, the zoo displays animals in natural surroundings. It is named a world-class zoo and the best zoo in Asia.
The Sanguinus oedipus/Cotton-top Tamarins appeared to be free-ranging in two "islands" of trees with a thick branch bridging between:
There was a Heliconia garden, with Costus curvibracteatus:
Heliconia latispatha:
Malvaviscus sp./Turk's Cap:
Phoenicopterus minor/Lesser Flamingos:
Did they mean "Coronary?"
What is under that piece of burlap?
Another orangutan!
We heard an announcement for an orangutan photo-op:
Say cheese!
A juvenile:
Ceratotherium simum/White Rhinoceri:
Looks like a bell pepper plant, but it's a Sesamum sp./Sesame seed plant:
Kent examines a huge cobra:
Ophiophagus hannah/King Cobra:
Prionailurus bengalensis/Leopard Cat:
Nephila maculata/Giant Orb Weaver:
A couple of bumboats on the Upper Seletar Reservoir:
Bumboats were used on the Singapore River during the 1800s.
Tamiko with Ah Meng:
Ah Meng was the beloved Pongo abelii/Sumatran Orangutan who was the poster girl for the Singapore Zoo. She passed away in 2008.
Many of the orangutans are free-ranging, literally swinging in the trees above you:
Tent City:
The Singapore Zoo provides extensive educational programs, and even a Breakfast with the Orangutans.
Choeropsis liberiensis/Pygmy Hippo:
Tamiko with the Panthera tigris tigris recessive mutant/White Bengal Tiger:
Babyrousa sp./Babirusa:
Very stinky animal!
Tapirus indicus/Malayan Tapir:
We only had a couple hours before the zoo closed at 6:00 pm.
We had a combination ticket with the Singapore Night Safari, right next door to the zoo:
The Night Safari did not open until 7:30. We were able to have dinner at one of several restaurants. Then it was time to wait in line.
Some entertainment from Thumbuakar fire-eaters:
If you want to see an amazing fire-eater photo, go to
Our cameras cannot handle night photography. We first enjoyed a "Creatures of the Night Show" and then took the tram tour where it really seems you are in the natural habitats. Finally we walked the loop trail.
The Night Safari had a Ben & Jerry's:
It's been a long day and we still have a long bus ride and a Metro ride back to the hotel!

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