Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yangpu Park (7/21/2012)

Monday, July 16, 2012
Went to Yu Garden Bazaar to do some shopping and found a new source of entertainment - The Turkish Ice Cream Guy:
Dondurma/Turkish ice cream is known for its thick texture and resistance to melting. Above you see the ice cream in the cone is sticking to the flat end of the metal utensil. The vendor will "hand" you the cone with the stick, but tease by lifting the cone away out of your fingers, out of a hidden second cone, flipping it as if it fell to the side, or out of a paper wrapper:
The boy is left with the paper wrapper in his hand.
The ice cream guy is good about posing after he finally lets you have the ice cream cone:

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Sweating helps you lose weight, right?
Today we went to the Shanghai Printing Museum, first walking through Yangpu Park. Take Metro Line 8 to Huangxin Road, walk east on Kongjiang Road until you come to the park entrance at the corner of Shuangyang Road.
The main entrance is not marked on the map, but it does have gigantic arches with teeny hanging flower baskets:
We figured this must be a wealthy family to own a car:
But then we saw they were for rent.
Go ahead and fall, but cautiously:
Lotus pond:
A lone lotus blossom:
Lots of buds:
Lotus pond pavilion:
An elderly gentleman enjoys the hulusi/Chinese gourd flute music:
You can't see the black-painted gourd above, but you can see a couple gourd flutes below:
It may be too early for lotus blossoms, but not water lilies:
What does that sign say?
"No Touch Water:"
Someone else not touching the water:
Lion-guarded pavilion:
Feeding white pigeons:
The "skating rink":
The more accomplished skater got shy when we pulled out the cameras:
Diospyros kaki cultivar/Fuyu Persimmons:
Water shooting ride:
Wouldn't Dylan and Pete have fun here?
Mama, or auntie, is using a net to scoop up balls:
We found the Shanghai Printing Museum.
We climbed all those stairs and entered the building. The elevator wasn't working so we climbed more stairs to find the door to the museum was locked. Back to the park.
The Pirate Ship at this park is an amusement ride:
The Pirate (War)ship at the last park was a boat ride.
A granite slide:
Tamiko with the Young Pioneers:
Plusiotis resplendens/Golden Scarab Beetle:
Lake view from the Blue Water Pavilion:
View of the Blue Water Pavilion:
One of several old ladies stretching on a tree:
The rockery waterfall:
The waterfall is turned off today.
Sort of a stepping stone bridge:

We made our way to De Refter Belgian Restaurant and Bar to celebrate Belgian National Day:
Belgian potato salad:
We also had fish and chips, the chips being twice-fried Belgian fries, served with mayo.

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