Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last of Shanghai (2/2013)

Saturday, February 2, 2013
There are two chocolate expositions in Shanghai right now. We are visiting the closest one at Shanghai Indoor Stadium, at the East Asia Exhibit Hall. We walked completely around the Indoor Stadium, but only saw banner signs for the World Chocolate Wonderland on streetlights. Then Kent noticed a huge banner on the Outdoor Stadium. We headed over there, until we saw this display on the backside of a building between the stadiums:
It looked like the place!
When we entered with our tickets, they gave us a few gold-wrapped chocolate coins. There were several photo opportunity stations:
The "elf" who loaned Kent the hat for the photo then said we needed to give him a coin. Don't know if we were being conned, but we could spare a chocolate coin!
Styrofoam marshmallows:
There were a couple chocolate fountains where you could get the tiniest cookie dipped in chocolate:
(We also chose this particular venue because it did offer free samples.)
Most of the chocolate displays were in acrylic cases:
Another photo op, Kent riding a broken chunk down the chocolate volcano:
Some of the chocolate sculptures stated how many cocoa beans were required to make it:
There were written panels on the history of chocolate, I think this is supposed to be a chocolate Mayan pitcher:
Another photo op:
You could gamble your chocolate coins away:
Not sure of the significance of the umbrella ceiling:
Kids were yelling "I love chocolate" (in Chinese) into a microphone, then being allowed to reach for a handful of candies:
A chocolate Mardi Gras mask:
Stylish chocolate shoes:
Chocolate vase:
Looks like caramelized sugar handles.
Chocolate Easter egg:
Chocolate Christmas:
White chocolate churches:
Chocolate vehicles of the future:
Chocolate Cinderella's carriage:
Chocolate fashion:
A chocolate artist, Sebastian Rocha of Mexico, at work:
His work of art:
A couple of characters:
Chocolate DIY:
Chocolate shops:
Camel milk chocolate:
Today we had lunch in the basement food court of the Fox Outlet Mall; this is the omelet rice with chicken curry:
The "omelet" is a thin layer of egg over a helping of steamed rice. This is a cheap $6 lunch.

Sunday, February 3, 2013
A walk in part of the old town. Metro Line 9 to Xiaonanmen Station. West on Wangjiamatou Lu. Right on Qiaojia Lu which forks to the right, then forks to the left. We took the right fork here on Xundao Lu. Then a left at the second alley to the left, Tiandeng Long (it even has a street sign in English!).
Tiandeng Long makes a right turn before you reach No. 77, the oldest house in Shanghai.
Of course, it was hidden behind a wall and locked doors.
The house across the alley was interesting:
"Mini Wooden House."
We backtracked on Tiandeng Long:
Xundao Lu, between newer and older housing:
Back at Qiaojia Lu, we continued westward.
Xu Guangqi, eminent scholar and official, is the namesake of the neighborhood where we live in Shanghai. He was born into a poor family in 1562. Although his birthplace is reported to be at 234 Qiaojia Lu:
I think this was farmland during his time.
The former family ancestral hall at 250 Guangqi Nan Lu; at No 24?
At No. 1?
It was built in the 1620s; did they have concrete then?
Heading north on Guangqi Lu to Yuyuan Bazaar to see the New Year's decorations.
The Huxinting Teahouse:
It will be the Year of the Snake:
More is better:
An animal pelt seat cover:
West on Fuyou Lu to Henan Lu to the Trims Market near Renmin Lu. The market had a lot more than trims, and not enough of what I expected of sewing trims. Oh, I need to go to the Embellishments Market!
Now is the time to buy ear muffs:
Sparkly shop with mobile phone covers:
(It's hard to photograph sparkly!)
We took Metro Line 10 from Yuyuan to Xintiandi Station, and walked west on Fuxing Zhong Lu. Found the Ceviche Peruvian Cafe at No. 559.
Had some Peruvian comfort food, Aji de Gallina and Lamb Seco, but the starter was a delight - crab causas:
Billed as "potato sushi," it is a cold mashed potato ball with a dollop of shredded crab salad on top and covered with avocado sauce and a sprinkling of caviar. Yum!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Happy Chinese New Year! We had hours of fireworks lasting from 7:00 pm last night until 1:00 am this morning. Not all in one place, but all over the place. I would have liked to have seen what Shanghai looked like from space.
Holiday decorations at Grand Gateway:
Did they use enough pots of red flowers?
More is better red lanterns in the atrium:
Residential tower lobby tree:
Park between the residential towers:
Clubhouse atrium:
On a walk, Hengshan Lu's Fly Restaurant exterior wall:
Based on the experience of someone who took the Shanghai Sideways Tours (which has since, in January,  changed its name to Shanghai Insiders) using motorcycles with sidecars, we visited No. 1 Lane 170 Yueyang Lu:
The James Cohan Gallery was closed, but we came to see the historic art deco building where a couple has lived for 40 years and it once housed the Japanese Army?
It had a garden with rockeries:
Very interesting building:
Fireworks debris:

Friday, February 15, 2013
Another walk up Changshu Lu:
800 Changle Lu at the corner of Changshu Lu:
A garden villa built in the 1930s.
I went to the Embellishments Market, but it was closed. Ended up at the local shops [way] outside of Yuyuan.
Arm cuffs for kids:
Hand muffs:
Post-season Chinese New Year sale:
Pets that only purr:
An umbrella for two:
Very popular eyeglasses sans lenses:

Thursday, February 21. 2013
A last walk to capture some last minute scenes, like this Nanquan Lu in Pudong eatery sign:
Yuyuan/Yu Garden plum blossom buds:
Plum blossoms:
Plum tree bonsai:
The Exquisite Jade Stone is in the center, with 72 holes:
Dueling dragons:
Camellia sasanqua blossoms:
Double corridor (east side for women, west side for men):
Huxinting Teahouse decorated for Chinese New Year:
Yuyuan Bazaar:
Tianzifang; say the shop name really fast:
Umm, butterfly houses?
(Usually the slits on butterfly houses are vertical.) Just decorative, I guess!

Friday, February 22, 2013
Nothing like last minute! Finally got to Jishi/Jesse Restaurant, going early before 17:00 to make sure we could get in. No crowds yet:
Tried three of a list of recommended dishes, fuzhu (mushrooms and tofu skin):
Luhao huoti (Yunnan ham and shangha - a vegetable like a cross between asparagus and green beans):
A taste explosion, tangcu paigu (sweet and sour spare ribs):
Jesse Restaurant is supposed to be (one of) the best Shanghainese cuisine restaurant(s) in Shanghai.

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