Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shanghai Spin Ceramics (2/16/2013)

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Many thanks to Stephanie for the idea to see the Spin Ceramics shop! We took Metro Line 7 to Changping Lu station, walked south on Changde Lu to the first left on Kangding Lu. Another couple blocks to the corner of Shaanxi Bei Lu to No. 360 Kangding Lu:
Jeremy Kuo of Shintori Restaurant in Shanghai couldn't find suitable dinnerware for his restaurant and began experimenting with designing his own and having it produced in Jingdezhen, a region famous for Chinese ceramics. Customers soon expressed interest in the simple, elegant, but affordable dinnerware, so the store was established in 2008. Gary Wang joined the venture and became the chief designer.
12 Faces vases:
Gary Wang is pictured above.
Imperfect plates:
Water Bag vases:
Chinese Kung Fu vases (second set):
Dim-sum paperweights:
Archaeologist's chopstick rests:
Earrings (this is how they are packaged!):
Spin Ceramics had two floors of displays; it was like being in a museum.
We walked down Shaanxi Bei Lu to Nanjing Xi Lu, to find a couple New Year's decorations:
Bulgari sparkly snake (for the Year of the Snake):
A music CD vendor:
Hearing this Spanish song will always remind me of Shanghai!

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