Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brynne's Visit (7/22-24/2013)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Somehow we decided to follow in the footsteps of Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Today we had lunch at Geraci's (2266 Warrensville Center Road, University Heights):
Guy Fieri was here:
So were Brynne and Paul:
The interior of the restaurant:
Specialties are meatballs and pizza; an open-face meatball sandwich with grilled tomato:
Pizza with sausage and green olives:
The afternoon was spent at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Lunch today was at Melt Bar and Grilled (14718 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, OH) with its art glass:
The menu was almost exclusively grilled cheese sandwiches:
which was pasted to the back of 76 rpm record album covers:
Guy Fieri, and Brynne and Paul were here:
The mural of Cleveland people, places and things:
The Parmageddon (with sauerkraut):
The Big Popper:
Despite having eaten, we continued to the West Side Market (1979 W 25th Street, Cleveland, OH). We started in the produce annex:
Next door was the West Side Market with the Hubbell Bell Tower (1912):
As seen from Market Square:
Market Square Cleveland Public Library Bookbox:
Market Square Wine Bar mural:
The Great Lakes Brewpub:
The Great Lakes Brewery:
The Cleveland Brew Bus:
Okay, enough brewing, let's go in the west Side Market. Kids were getting a kick out of cow parts:
Where are the chicken feet?
Mexican sodas in the Middle East display?
All kinds of Slim Jims/Smokies:
Cake pops:
Yumm, bacon:
You have to love the names around here:
Not just any pasty, a corned beef pasty!
Ah! Here are the chicken feet:
How many flavors of salt are there?
Oh, look at that ceiling!
Purple mashed potatoes:
Wide choice of hot sauces:
Lots of pickles:
Stuffed olives are a big thing:
Several cannoli flavors:
Next door to the West Side Market is a new Market Garden Brewery/Distillery:
They are still working on the distillery part.
The Market Garden chalkboard:
Bike rack:
A short drive brought us to Settler's Landing across from The Flats:
Old railroad bridge:
Alexis de Tocqueville was here?!
The Nautica Queen:
The Superior Avenue Bridge:
It was around here that I stepped into a deep hole and whacked the camera, ending its life.

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