Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wellsville, OH (8/24/2013)

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Our real destination for today's outing was Wellsville, OH, birthplace of some people very important to us!
Entering the north side of town, you cross a flag and flower-bedecked bridge over the Little Yellow Creek:
There is a Flood Wall:
Muralist Gina Hampson meticulously painted the wall to look like bricks:
Panels showing local landmarks and events have been added since 2005.
A panel showing the DeVere House, a stop along the Underground Railroad:
Between the wall and the creek is the Pete Amato Boardwalk, with a statue of a fishing boy:
On the other side of the wall is the fountain with a boy and a leaking boot:
There is also this memorial:
No place was left untouched by 9/11.
A bottle (named for its shape) kiln used for firing pottery and ceramics:
934 Main Street:
Former home of Ruth and Ray Hamilton; built in 1890.
322 (?) 10th Street:
An earlier home of the Hamilton family (perhaps built in 1930).
The Episcopal Church of Ascension (1101 Main Street at Eleventh Street):
Built in either 1870 or 1885 and listed on the National Register of Historic Sites in 1986.
The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church:
There are signs around town stating "Unlock Immaculate Conception." Apparently the church was closed by Ohio bishops, but the parishioners have appealed to have it reopened.
We wanted to go to the Busy Bee, famous for chicken wings, for lunch:
The Busy Bee is no longer in business.
Nick's Pizza has school spirit:
The Wellsville High School athletes are the Tigers.
The former Liberty Theater:
Kent is not able to get any movie tickets:
The former United Presbyterian Church:
Now the Masonic Lodge #180.
Wellsville's oldest bell was found in the bell tower (since removed):
The street signs are in the school colors:
A block of buildings to be auctioned:
Only the barber shop in the tiny second building was thriving.
Bicycle stand:
We had lunch at the Riverside Roadhouse:
Formerly Meade's Restaurant, a place for special occasions.
Kent sitting out on the patio overlooking the railroad tracks:
This is the view of the Ohio River:
Our pilgrimage ended at Springhill Cemetery, to visit Kent's maternal grandparents:
His great-grandparents:
And other relatives:
A grave marker being overtaken by nature:
Thus ends this trip to Wellsville, OH.

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