Friday, May 15, 2015

2015 Tucson: Tombstone/Boothill Graveyard (5/15/2015)

Friday, May 15, 2015 (continued)
From Fairbank we continued on AZ-82, then turned right on AZ-83 to Tombstone. Just before reaching the town proper, we stopped at Boothill Graveyard. Boothill was laid out as a cemetery in 1878 and used until 1884. There are 300 graves, and the restored markers give a colorful history.
Graves overgrown with ocotillo and other cacti,
next to an ocotillo fence
Possibly Opuntia versicolor/Staghorn Cholla Cactus
Row 1: Eva Waters died of scarlet fever
Row 2 contains the graves of the "villians"
of the OK Corral shootout in Tombstone in 1881;
Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury, and Tom McLaury
Row 2: Frank Bowles marker; he was thrown by his horse
causing his gun to discharge and injure his knee;
he was taken to the doctor only after several weeks
and it was too late
Row 2: Verone Gray
Row 3: Two Cowboys drowned (KAH)
Row 3: Teamster (1881)
Row 3: Rook Shot by a Chinaman
(as in background, there were several Unknowns)
Row 3: John Heath (1884) (KAH)
Row 4: Mrs. Stump (1884) died in childbirth
from an overdose of chloroform
(she had the stumpiest marker)
Row 5: Seymour Dye (1882)
shot at age 35 when bringing in a load of hay (KAH)
Row 5: George Johnson, what an epitaph!
(he innocently bought a stolen horse) (KAH)
Row 6: Lester Moore, another classic epitaph;
he was a Wells Fargo agent and
had a dispute with a man over a package
Row 6: Will DeLoge (1883)
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