Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Tucson: Tucson Sights (5/17/2015)

Sunday, May 17, 2015 (continued)
After Tohono Chul, we had some time to see a few sights we had missed when zipping here and there.
Arizona Inn (1930, designed by Merritt Starkweather)
at 2200 E Elm Street;
listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988
Arizona Inn
Sam Hughes School (1927, designed by Roy Place)
at 700 N Wilson Avenue
University of Arizona, Old Main (1887-1891,
designed by James M Creighton),
listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972
University of Arizona Women's Plaza
with Eucalyptus camaldulensis (behind the palms)
Gates to the University of Arizona (KAH)
Tucson High School (1924, designed by Roy Place)
at 400 N 2nd Avenue (view from E 6th Street)
Tucson High School detail
Tucson High School celebrating its 100th year
The Village on Broadway Boulevard (KAH)
Ooops! We meant to go to Broadway Village!
Another Murphey and Joesler collaboration (1939).
it was the first shopping center in Arizona,
located at E Broadway Blvd and N Country Club Rd
Broadway Village lamp
An Adios Sale
Broadway Village vine-covered balcony
Broadway Village detail
2934 E Broadway Boulevard (1954)
2934 E Broadway Boulevard statue
2934 E Broadway Boulevard tiled eave
El Conquistador Water Tower (1928)
at 3480 E Broadway Boulevard;
Spanish Colonial Revival sheathing by Roy Place in 1932
El Conquistador Water Tower detail
El Conquistador Water Tower weathervane
Santa Cruz Catholic Church (1916-1918,
designed by Bishop Henry Granjon)
at 1220 S 6th Avenue
Santa Cruz Catholic Church cloister and bell tower
Santa Cruz Catholic Church fiesta
Texting padre
Le Caves Vegetable Do-Nut Shop
at 1219 S 6th Street;
Yes! Vegan donuts!
We met Ginger and Candace, and their friend, Linda, at El Minuto for dinner.
El Minuto CafĂ© (KAH)
El Minuto interior mural (KAH)
We had Speedy Gonzales as a waiter, who often left us speechless. This time we had plain cheese crisps, which were great. Karen's shredded beef in flour enchiladas came out as bean ones. They were replaced by Speedy Gonzales, Jr. I had fried eggs over Spanish rice.
We drove to Yogurtland for make-your-own desserts.
Karen took advantage of all the toppings!

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