Saturday, June 28, 1986

1986 Newport Tall Ships (6/28/1986)

Saturday, June 28, 1986
After lunch and errands, we drove towards Newport to see the Tall Ships. We had information in hand as we drove down Rte 24 from Fall River and took Rte 138 to Middletown’s Middle School. The parking lot was pretty full already as we paid our $4 and received a pink ticket with four holes punched in it.
We got on a bus parked in front of the school and were told to tell the bus driver to go. So we bounced into Newport, and fortunately, due to the shuttle buses, traffic wasn’t bad. We were dropped off near the State Pier, where a tremendously long line waited to board a couple of the tall ships, tall meaning square-sail rigged. It was overcast and hazy today, and hot. I carried my big new Kenya bag with cameras and snacks. Kent carried the little cooler with fruit and drinks. We continued along the harbor in search of more tall ships. Supposedly 22 were to come to Newport.
Newport Harbor with Tall Ships
Newport Harbor
At the Yachting Club we saw a multi-flagged smaller ship used as sort of an Outward Bound type of conveyance.
Training ship
Training ship
 We didn’t find anything except people at the Treadway Wharf. We decided to join the line at Bannister’s Wharf to see the French ship Belem.

Bannister's Wharf ticket
The line moved quickly and we soon walked the gangplank onto the top deck. We circled around, peeking through window and portholes. Saw French chefs at work!
Kyle and Erich on the ship's wheel
When another gangplank was re-adjusted, we disembarked and walked farther to glimpse the ship used by MGM in filming “Mutiny on the Bounty.” There was a parking lot filled with craftsmen, souvenir vendors, and food stalls. We stopped for lunch. I had a bowl of clam chowder, Kyle had a hamburger, and Kent and Erich had chili dogs. We wandered back to the bus stop, and Kent and Erich stood in the port-a-john line. Our bus came, so they left the line to take the bus back to the Middle School. There were port-a-johns there, too, without the lines. On our way home, we stopped in Portsmouth to pick strawberries.
Kyle, Erich, and Kent picking (?) strawberries

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