Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival (9/20/2015)

Sunday, September 20, 2015
A new installation at the Cleveland Museum of Art, C-Curve (2007) by Anish Kapoor.
C-Curve with Tamiko, Bob, Kent, and Brynne
The reverse side of C-Curve (does everyone remember physics?)
Old and new
It was a gorgeous day for the annual Chalk Festival sponsored by the Museum of Art, where the community can join professional artists in a Renaissance tradition of creating drawings on pavement, at this time on the walkways of the Fine Arts Garden behind the museum.
Featured artist Bruno Casiano invokes memories
of his Puerto Rican island homeland
Featured artist Anna Arnold uses vibrant colors
Featured artist Robin Heinrich, from Germany,
creates a montage of his favorites from the museum
Fine Arts Garden
Young artist; the artists are actually using pastels instead of chalk
Featured artist Tom Haas
Featured artist Robin VanLear with Lizzie Roche collaborate on
a piece inspired by the Canadian Northwest and
the woodcuts of First Nations people
Robin VanLear is the Director of Community Arts for the Cleveland Museum of Art, who started the first Chalk Festival in 1990, as well as the first Parade the Circle in the same year.
Featured artist Dante Rodriguez portrays one of his pets,
Sherlock Hemlock Worthington aka Gonzo
The reflected spire of the
University Circle United Methodist Church
Everyone is represented
Another young artist
Fine Arts Garden
Earth (1929) by Chester Beach
The Fountain of the Water (1927) by Chester Beach
A family affair
Signs of the Zodiac, Capricorn
by Chester Beach
Signs of the Zodiac, Aries
Signs of the Zodiac, Gemini
Chalk Festival
Featured artist Laura Lewarski works on the
Delphic Sybil from the Sistine Chapel ceiling
by Michaelangelo
Delphic Sybil close-up
We entered the museum to check out the temporary exhibit of the Persian Tent, a royal round tent made for the Muhammad Shah who ruled 1834-1848.
A panel from the exquisite tent
A few other works of art as we wandered out of the museum, in the contemporary art section.
Homer (2007) by Joyce Pensato
Standing Mitt with Ball (1973)
by Claes Oldenburg
with Impala (1968) by Alex Katz in the background
Cocktails and Cigarettes Punch Bowl (1931)
by Viktor Schreckengost
Helmet Head (1952) by Henry Moore

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