Sunday, October 4, 2015

Towpath Trail V (10/4/2015)

Sunday, October 4, 2015
Today we walked the dog, Gus, along the Towpath Trail from Lock 38 to Alexander's Mill.
(We hiked the "first" section of the Towpath Trail that follows the old Ohio & Erie Canal on July 6, 2014 from Harvard Road to the Marcy Trestle. We started at the Canalway Center near the trestle and walked to the overpass of Route I-77 on November 9, 2014. On December 26, 2014, we walked between the I-77 overpass and Quaker Steak on Canal Road in Valley View. On September 27, 2015 we hiked between Quaker Steak on Canal Road and Lock 38.)
Lock 38 with the former tavern and inn at Hell's Half Acre,
now the Canal Exploration Center
An aqueduct carries the canal over Tinker's Creek
Today's wildlife: Anas platyrhynchos/Mallard ducks
Blue skies
Log and debris jam under the E Pleasant Valley Road bridge
The canal is filling up with Typha sp/Cattails
Lock 37
Not a great view of a water control gate
Below the water control gate is the Cuyahoga River
The former Alexander's Mill (1855), now Wilson Feed Mill
Gus and Tamiko between the Cuyahoga River
and the Ohio & Erie Canalway (KSS)
Gus's favorite activity: rubbing his face in the grass
Moss on the south side of the tree
Eupatorium serotinum/Late-Flowering Boneset 
"Skeletons" of Heracleum mantegazzianum/Giant Hogweed
Typha sp/Cattail

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