Saturday, September 2, 2017

Zanesville, OH (9/2/2017)

Saturday, September 2, 2017 (continued)
We returned to downtown Zanesville for a short walking tour.
Zanesville was named for Ebenezer Zane who constructed Zane's Trace, a pioneer road from Wheeling, (now West) Virginia to Maysville, KY. Zane gave the land where the Trace met the Muskingum River to his son-in-law, James McIntire. McIntire platted the town, and opened an inn and ferry by 1799.
Sculpture of children at the
Muskingum County Public Library
Muskingum County Public Library and its Historic Artwall
(designed by Deborah Goletz), a rubbing wall with historic images
1824: The first steamship to visit Zanesville was the "Rufus Putnam" (KSS)
St Thomas Aquinas Church (1842, designed by Patrick
Keeley and William Grinsley in Gothic Revival style)
St Thomas Aquinas Church interior
Floor mosaic
Stained glass windows (1914-1918) (KSS)
The stained glass windows were ordered from Joseph Osterrath of Liege, Belgium, but World War I delayed their installation. Osterrath was imprisoned by the Germans, but he escaped and completed the windows. They had to be buried twice to avoid confiscation, but they were finally finished after the war.
St Thomas Aquinas
WWII/Korean War Memorial (2012, by Alan Cottrill) (KSS)
Each of 297 helmets has a name on it of
a fallen soldier, sailor, marine, or airman (KSS)
This military figure can stride confidently
into the future, secured by the sacrifice of the men
honored in this memorial
Muskingum County Courthouse (1870), designed by H E Myer and
T B Townsend in Second Empire style)  
The first county courthouse of hewn logs was built in 1808. A second courthouse of stone was built a year later in front of the original, to be offered as the state house if the Ohio capital was moved to Zanesville, which it was in 1810. After two years, the capital was moved to a new site in Columbus.
The current courthouse replaced the deteriorating 1809 building.
First National Bank Building (1931)
World War I Monument, Spirit of the
American Doughboy
Masonic Temple/Lodge of Amity No 5 (1902-1903)
Zanesville City Hall
We took a break to have lunch at a Tex Mex place called Tumbleweed, then returned downtown.

St Nicholas Catholic Church (1898-1899,
in Romanesque Revival style)
Central dome of St Nicholas Church (KSS)
Stained glass window of St Nicholas, depicting the
legend where he resurrected three infants who had
been killed and placed in a salting tub to be pickled
Rose window
At Zane's Landing Park:

Lorena Sternwheeler (1949 as the towboat Bryce M, renovated in 1972)
has been providing cruises on the Muskingum River since 1976
The only eternal flame memorial (1998, designed
by Roger Penos) in the United States
dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Iraqi Conflicts Veterans Memorial
Bicentennial Legacy (1999, by Alan Cottrill) depicts John McIntire
(founder of Zanesville), Noah Norris (enlisted in first black regiment
recruited in Ohio during the Civil War), Zane Grey (western romance
writer whose great-grandfather was Ebenezer Zane who built
Zane's Trace), and John Glenn (the first American to orbit Earth and
later the oldest in space, as well as four-time United States Senator)
We have seen several sculptures by Alan Cottrill, and next we visited his studio and gallery, which displays a casting or model of every one of his sculptures.
Military memorial
Bear and sheep (the sculptures
spill out along the sidewalk!)
This sheep is wearing ice skates
Jesse Owens (2011, the original is located at
The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH) (KSS)
More sculptures outside the studio and gallery that has two floors
filled with sculptures and paintings
Bronze bells
Cottrill has sculpted his own tomb and one for his wife
The final bronze casting and an initial clay or terra cotta form
of the head of George Washington for an equestrian statue (2001)
at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA
Cottrill dabbled in painting for
a couple years (1990-1991)
Maquette or model of the Veterans Tower (2007)
in Dublin, OH
Shelves full of busts
Wall full of masks
Maquette of Bicentennial Legacy

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