Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shanghai Century Park (10/5/2011)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
We still have a day off for the National Holiday. Headed to Century Park.
At Century Square at the end of Century Avenue, there is the Oriental Art Center:
a concert hall reported to be in the shape of a butterfly orchid.
Century Square is dominated by the steel sculpture called "Oriental Light:"
The sculpture resembles a sundial.
We had lunch at the Hofbraeuhaus:
with its canalside deck:
An older man swam by:
Overpass to Century Park:
You pay an admission fee to this park!
Floral clock:
Rental cycle-mobiles:
Variegated liriope:
Viewing Terrace:
"Green World" sculpture wall:
Bright Lake:
Pint-sized recycler:
Lotus and more:
Coreopsis and cosmos:
Photo ops:
Hedges in shapes:
Balancing on the railing:
Posing with random trees like the natives do:
Oleander branch crowns and bracelets:
Rental boats:
Back at Grand Gateway, a promotion for Dunhill in the atrium:
It's really made of suit fabric!
Elmo was here today, too:

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