Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jing'an Sculpture Park: New (11/18/2012)

Sunday, November 18, 2012
A good day to see the new installations at the Jing'an Sculpture Park at 128 Shimen 2nd Road off Nanjing Road West. Take Metro Line 2 to the Nanjing Xi Lu station. Use exit 2 to Nanjing Xi Lu and go to the right/east. Turn left/north on Shimen Er Lu. Walk two blocks and at the NE corner of Beijing Xi Lu, you will see the park.
We were surprised by the number of new sculptures to be seen.
Power Ants (2012) by Chen Zhiguang of China:
Cheeky Monkey (2011) by Deborah Halpern of Australia:
Ship of Good Fortune (2011) by Deborah Halpern of Australia:
Totem (2011) by Deborah Halpern of Australia:
Ostrich Hide and Seek (2010) by LPlus1 of Belgium:
Isometric Trinity (2011) by Fatih Semiz of Australia:
Tai Ji (2012) by Ding Ye of China:
People's Garden (2011) by Hugo Zapata of Colombia:
Watermelon balls:
Dragon Ant (2010) by Chen Zhiguang of China:
Voyage of Fantasy (2009) by Dai Yun of China:
Ray (2012) by Subodh Gupta of India:
Your Altered Gaze Returned (2011) by Vanessa Stanley of Australia:
Possessing Numerous Peaks (2010) by Huang Zhiyang of Taiwan:
Seventy-two Silent Propagations (2012) by Byoungho Kim of Korea:
Happy Together (2012) by Kumari Nahappan of Singapore:
Magic Pen (2012) by Kemal Tufan of Turkey:
The Heart of Trees (2007) by Jaume Plensa of Spain:
Entomophily (2012) by Melanie Mclou of Australia:
Unplugged (2009) by Robin Yakinthou of Australia:
(Tamiko is trying to fix the giant sink plug.)
Pergola (2012) by Wim Delvoye of Belgium:
Artistic pine:
Pruned hollies:
Guards on break:
There (2012) by Ram Katzir of Israel:
Leaf-blowing team:

The Zhuang Zi Zoo (2012) by Wang Tianren of Hong Kong, with accompanying text:
Joined Toes
"To lengthen the duck's legs will worry  him,
To shorten the neck of a crane will make him sad."
There is a law of nature for everything in this world, how can we force it?
Autumn Floods
"You are not the fish, how do you know the happiness of fish?
You are not me, how do you know that I don't understand the happiness of fish?"
Why not project our personal feelings to everything in this world?
Free and Easy Wandering
"The back of the P'eng/big bird measures I don't know how many thousand li across, and when he rises up and flies off, his wings are like clouds all over the sky. When these begin to move, this bird sets off for the southern darkness. The little dove laughs at him saying, I give a great leap and fly up, but I never get more than 10 or 12 yards before I come fluttering among the weeds and brambles. And that's the best kind of flying anyway. Where does he think he's going?"
A big vision and verve will lead us to a different realm.
The Secret of Caring for Life
"I dismember an ox with my mind rather than see it with my eyes...follow the law of nature...handling a butcher's cleaver with ease."
Can we use our mind rather than just seeing things with our eyes?

Tower (2012) by Wim Delvoye of Belgium:
The fountains were turned on while we were there today:

A few miscellaneous photos:
Jiaotong University Souvenir Shop:
Looks like you have to wade through the pool to enter!
Rabindranath Tagore (1861–1941), writer from India:
At the corner of Maoming and Nanchang Roads. It was said that a bust of Pushkin was the only statue of a westerner in the former French Concession, but someone came up with Tagore. But is Tagore a westerner? Is Pushkin even technically a westerner? Okay, okay, the only statues of foreign writers! (There are busts of foreign playwrights at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.)
Hooters in Pudong:
Known for best restaurant service in Shanghai!

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