Friday, June 19, 2015

2015 Canada West: Calgary (6/19/2015)

Friday, June 19, 2015
Brynne flew east and we flew west to meet her in Chicago before taking a flight together to Calgary, Alberta. Once we arrived, we took a minute to check out the Calgary Spaceport within the airport.
Calgary Spaceport
Kid-friendly space and aeronautic exhibits, a moon rock, and simulators.
Moon rock
After picking up the rental car, we drove to the Toad 'n' Turtle Pubhouse and Grill, known for having 24 beers on tap.
Toad 'n' Turtle sign
A British pub atmosphere
Later, after checking in to the Delta Bow Valley Hotel, we took a walk.
Family of Man (1967) by Mario Armengol
for Britain's Pavilion at Expo '67;
purchased by Maxwell Cummings and Sons,
donated to the Calgary Board of Education in 1968
Family of Man detail
Former Fire Department Headquarters (1911, designed by Lang & Major)
Anglican Cathedral Church of the Redeemer
(est 1884, 1905 church designed by J C M Keith
in Norman Gothic style of Paskapoo sandstone)
Church of the Redeemer folding chair
Calgary City Hall (1911, designed by William M Dodd
in Romanesque Revival style)
Police Officers and Firefighters Tribute Plaza (2006)
Family of Horses (1989 by Harry O’ Hanlon,
donated by Spruce Meadows Equestrian Centre)
Calgary Municipal Building (1982-1985) (KSS)
Olympic Plaza, where medals were awarded during the
1988 Olympic Winter Games
People-friendly pool
Women are Persons! (1999, by Barbara Paterson)
depicting the "Famous Five" who in 1927-1929
successfully argued that women be declared persons
in the matter of rights and privileges,
not just in the matter of pains and penalties
(Nellie Mooney McClung and Irene Marryat Parlby on the right)
Tamiko with Emily Murphy (PBB)
Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise Crummy McKinney with Kent
Stephen Avenue Walk pedestrian mall
Mechanical Horse/Powder the Plow Horse
(2000 by Dixie Jewett)
The Conversation
(1991 by William Hodd McElcheran)
A shaggy Alaskan Malamute?
"The Trees" reduce gusting winds as well as beautify (KSS)
Devonian Gardens (1977)
in Toronto Dominion Square mall
Devonian Gardens
Devonian Gardens local art:
masks by Tom Ward (KSS)
Devonian Gardens Pool (KSS)
Devonian Gardens floating sign (KSS)
Counting Crows (2001, by Evelyn Grant)
Shimmering Aspens
Ubiquitous Pica hudsonia/Black-billed Magpie
Beaulieu Gardens at Lougheed House
Iris missouriensis/Rocky Mountain Iris (KSS)
Lepus townsendii/White-tailed Jackrabbit
Canada Post box
Lougheed House (1891)
Lougheed House rose arbor (KSS)
Central Memorial Park
Central Memorial Park
Second Boer War Memorial
(1914, by Louis Philippe H├ębert)
Canadian Pacific Railway Pavilion (2000)
The Fairmont Palliser Hotel (1911-1914)
Calgary Tower (1967-1968)
formerly the Husky (Oil) Tower;
note rappelling lines
60 members of the Canadian Armed Forces
rappelled off the Calgary Tower today
These footprints on the grate are for
those wearing high heel shoes
Toothy mechanical shovel
Wonderland/Giant Mesh Head
(2013, by Jaume Plensa) 
Kabuki & Sadko (1972, by Soel Etrog) (KSS)
Horn (2002, by John McEwen)
+15 Skyway bridge, part of a network
of bridges that are 15 feet above the street
The Coup + Meet vegetarian restaurant
Blue Buck beer
Yam fries, mushroom faux gras cigars, buffalo cauliflower
Hanging Out (1994, by Peter Smith)
Scotiabank Saddledome (1983)
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