Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Canada West: More Calgary (6/21/2015)

Sunday, June 21, 2015
For breakfast we had a wait for a table at the popular retro 1950s Diner Deluxe.
Diner Deluxe sign
Unusual menu items at Diner Deluxe
Diner Deluxe Breakfast Poutine
Next the Calgary Zoo, the second largest zoo in Canada.
Egg - The Unity of Diversity (2013,
by Brower Hatcher)
Penguin Plunge: Pygoscelis papua/Gentoo Penguins (KSS)
Canadian Wilds:
Ovis canadensis/Bighorn Sheep with lamb (KSS)
Bathing Strix varia/Barred Owl (KSS)
Owl meal (quail and mice) (KSS)
Oreamnos americanus/Mountain Goat kid (KSS)
Bison bison/American Bison (KSS)
Canis lupus/Grey Wolf (KSS)
Cervus canadensis/Elk (KSS)
Ursus americanus kermodei/Kermode Bear,
subspecies of the American Black Bear (KSS)
Potamochoerus porcus/Red River Hog with piglets (KSS)
There were a lot of animal babies at this zoo!
Destination Africa:
Toddler-gorilla interaction (KSS)
Dorothy Harvey Gardens:
Peony with salvia (KSS)
Armillary Sundial (it also indicates seasons)
ENMAX Conservatory: Attacus atlas/Atlas Moth (KSS)
Since we still had time, we drove out to one of the sites of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games.
Ski jumps at Canada Olympic Park
Brynne in the bobsled used in
the Disney movie, Cool Runnings (1993)
Olympic Flame cauldron (KSS)
Share the Flame (1989, by Vilem Zach)
On our way back to the city:
The Beetle (1980s) (KSS)
(Why do they call it a spider?)
Statue of Colonel James Macleod (2005, by Don and Shirley Begg)
of the North West Mounted Police at Fort Calgary
(founded in 1875 as Fort Brisebois)
This evening was the wedding reception!
Wedding cupcake tower
Table settings
Puja and Jaymal
Tamiko, Hansa, Jayanti, Kent

Next: Banff.

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