Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wellsville Alumni Reunion (7/4/2015)

Saturday, July 4, 2015
Today Kent was going to stand in for his mother at an appreciation luncheon in Wellsville, OH. This small town holds an all-class high school reunion every five years, and this is a reunion year.
Welcome Home Alumni banner on Main Street (KSS)
They have a dedicated Alumni Center (KSS)
We were here for the Scholarship Luncheon (KSS)
Kent's mom, of the Wellsville High School Class of '43, is also one of the Founding 100 of the Scholarship Fund. The luncheon is to recognize both the donors and recipients of the fund.
Vic McIntire, Tamiko, and Kent
Scholarship recipients (KSS)
All the 2015 scholarship recipients were not present. Out of a class of 54, 23 were awarded scholarships this year.
Jackie, Jeff (son and chauffeur) and Vic McIntire (KSS)
Kent also recognized the name on a tag of a distant cousin, and introduced himself to Ron Nelson.
After the luncheon, we drove down to the River Museum.
Looks like a meteor hit this building! (KSS)
Wellsville Tiger Pride!
Houses facing the Ohio River
River Museum
River Museum view of the Ohio River
Stu Wilson Memorial (1920-1991) (KSS)
The museum was packed with artifacts, so many that items were placed on the floor under tables. There were closets full of clothes that they rotate out on display mannequins, depending on the latest theme. For the reunion week, there were vintage prom dresses.
We had been to Wellsville in 2013, to see the families homes.
This time we found the former high school, now the Daw Middle School.
Former Wellsville High School,
now the Daw (Upper) Elementary School
Wellsville Carnegie Public Library (1999,
replacing the original 1917 building)
Happy Fourth of July!

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