Tuesday, July 4, 1995

1995 Midwest Trip VII (7/3-4/1995)

Monday, July 3, 1995
The next day, we first made a stop at "Roadside America", an extensive miniature display with several villages depicting several eras. All kinds of transportation modes, and things one could operate with switches. We even stayed through a "night".
Brynne and Tamiko at Roadside America Miniature Village
Brynne and Kent at Roadside America
Roadside America Miniature Village
Note the Amish horse and buggy
Tunnels and bridges
Roadside America Miniature Village
We then went to Ringwood State Park in New Jersey, and walked through the NJ Botanical Gardens.
Skylands Manor (1922, by John Russell Pope in Tudor Revival style)
Kent by the Pump House
Brynne and Kent in the New Jersey Botanical Garden
Brynne with the Swan Fountain
New Jersey Botanical Garden
Nymphaea sp/Water Lily
See the tadpole in the center
near the top of the photo?
Kent and Brynne
New Jersey Botanical Garden Bench
Water lily pond
Ringwood Manor (c 1810, added to c 1864, remodeled c 1878,
exterior renovations c 1900)
Brynne and Kent with the Civil War mortar gun
Tamiko's family with the mortar gun in 1968
We saw a black water snake at Ringwood Manor.
We stayed with my brother, Phil, and his wife, Gale. They took us to a wonderful fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth.

Tuesday, July 4, 1995
Finally on July 4th, we headed back to RI via the more scenic Bear Mountain Bridge, and our most favorite pizza restaurant, Angelo's, in Groton, Connecticut. We had traveled a total of 3451 miles.

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