Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Chester Creek Trail, Middletown, PA (6/24/2020)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Today's outing was to hike the Chester Creek Trail, the completed middle section (2.8 miles) of the future Chester Creek Rail Trail that will run from Wawa to Upland, PA. The trail follows the Civil War-era Chester Creek Branch line of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Bike Repair Station
Sturdy fencing leads to the Knowlton Road underpass
Erosion reveals a tree's taproot
The trail follows a power line
Dedication area with donor brick brickway
The area also includes a "Little Library"
A few painted rocks are displayed along the trail
At this time of year, only glimpses of Chester Creek to be seen
Heracleum maximum/Cow Parsnip
An uprooted tree
Intersection with the Starch Mill Trail
Apparently sewer lines were updated in the Chester Creek floodplain
Another rocky cliff section with
missing sections à la Jenga
Memorial for Michael G Fusco, founder of the
Friends of the Chester Creek Rail Trail Project
Michael G Fisco Memorial Bridge, one of two
rehabilitated train trestles crossing Chester Creek
Now we can see Chester Creek through the chain link fence
Pet Waste Station
Because of a bend in the creek, you cross it twice in succession
Here the Chester Creek is the most visible!
(Note the nesting box on the left)
Waste yard
Lenni Substation was part of the old Pennsylvania Railroad
electrification system, and has been updated for the SEPTA
Media/Elwyn Line extension to Wawa
Some industry along this section includes Schubert Plastics,
with the hazard diamond indicating poison
Highway Crossing coming up!
Now we join the SEPTA Media/Elwyn Line extension
Retaining wall mural Patterns (Chester Creek Trail)
(2020, by Jay Walker) was apparently dedicated just this morning!
The mural is 450' long
For now, the north end of the trail ends at Lenni Road
On our way back we noticed this Honor Roll
in front of the Lenni Athletic Club
Young anglers at Chester Creek
The south end of the trail ends at Chester Creek Road
These folks made it end to end on what is
currently completed of the Chester Creek Trail
We took a detour on Pennell Road to the parking lot behind
Kings Mills to get a better view of the "waterfall"
(rebuilt 1915 by then owner Samuel D Riddle)
Kings Mills view of waterfall
A pavilion at Kings Mills,
Delaware County's Premier Banquet Facility 

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