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Coraopolis, PA (4/10/2021)

Saturday, April 10, 2021 (continued)
The borough of Coraopolis was incorporated in 1886, with a sawmill and a grist mill. Some residents invested in the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad in 1877, and there was a very short oil boom in 1890.
The Coraopolis Historical Society has a walking tour based on old postcards.
Coraopolis Train Station (1896, by architects Shepley, Rutan
and Coolidge in Richardson Romanesque style)
for the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Former Hotel Helm (1913) with a corner turret
Former Coraopolis Savings and Trust Company;
note the street lights from 1958
Former Ohio Valley Trust Company (KSS)
Former YMCA (c 1919) is now an apartment building
Abundant Life Church (KSS)
Former residence (c 1909) of M M Watson is missing its front porch
Former First United Presbyterian Church
(1915, by Thomas Hannah)
The former First United Presbyterian Church
is now home to a metaphysical store
offering healing modalities (KSS)
Coraopolis Historical Society Corner with
a green finial from the 1911 Sewickley Bridge
Ingot mold for steel produced by
Shenango Incorporated on Neville Island
in the Ohio River next to Coraopolis
Former Coraopolis Junior High School (1924)
is now Ridgeview Apartments
Former Residence (c 1900) of Dr John Jay Crawford
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (1952-1954)
Old First Baptist Church (1903)
Former Coraopolis High School (1918)
is now Statevue Apartments
Former residence of W P McCabe (c 1880)
St Joseph Roman Catholic Church (1924)
First Presbyterian Church (1929); this is sort of a side-rear view
Coraopolis VFW Post Hall (1941, by T Ed Cornelius)
Coraopolis Veterans War Memorial (2020)
The fa├žade of the VFW Post Hall
appears to be almost art deco in style
Coraopolis clock and gazebo
Former Coraopolis Municipal Building (1929)
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