Saturday, December 22, 2018

"Played in Cincinnati" (12/22/2018)

Saturday, December 22, 2018
"Played in Cincinnati" is a lyric from the song "Laura" (2003) by Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.
We started a walking tour of downtown.
Shillito Center (1878, by James McLaughlin in
Chicago style), the former Shillito Department store that
was Cincinnati's first when it was established in 1830,
is now loft luxury apartments
Cincinnati and Suburban Telephone Company
Building (1931, by Harry Hake in Art Deco style)
Elm Street façade
Frieze of rotary telephones
External telephone bill payment window
Very ornate grill
Statue (1896, by Louis T Rebisso) of
William Henry Harrison, "Ohio's First President"
at the west end of Piatt Park
Piatt Park facing west
Fountain (winterized!) (1989, by Stuart Fink) in honor of
Isadore "Izzy" Kadetz, owner of the iconic delicatessen Izzy's
811 Race Street Building (1912) was home to
Herzog Studio, the first commercial recording
station in Cincinnati, which was used by
Hank Williams and other artists
Herzog logo
Fiona the Hippo Mural (2018, by Lucie Rice), celebrates the hippo
who was born six weeks prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017,
and has overcome the odds to become healthy and hefty
Toy Heritage Mural (2016, by Jonathan Queen), a tribute to the
Cincinnati-based Kenner Toys; which ones did you have?
Cincinnati Public Library (1955, by Woodie Garber in contemporary style);
Kent remembers rumors that high school seniors from Mariemont
High School would claim to be going to this library for research,
but actually went to a nearby burlesque theater
Amelia Valerio Weinberg Memorial Fountain (1990,
by Michael Frasca) "features water cascading over a
stack of ceramic tile books, representing the free flow of
information and ideas through the printed word.”
Statue (1887, by Charles Henry Niehaus) of
James A Garfield, at the east end of Piatt Park
Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon Mural (2013,
by John A Ruthven, based on his painting of Martha leading
a flock over the historic Bird Run at the Cincinnati Zoo)
Cincinnati Enquirer Building (1926, by Lockwood
Greene and Company in a mixture of styles), now
shared by Hampton Inn & Suites and Homewood Suites
Details of the Enquirer Building façade; the building is shown
in the opening credits of the TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati
This is a parking garage! Additional (by Julian Stanczak)
Neil Armstrong and ET Mural (2016, by Eduardo Kobra);
Neil Armstrong and Steven Spielberg were both born in Ohio
Metrobot (1988 by Nam June Paik, refurbished 2014)
is Cincinnati's Art Ambassador, standing by the
Contemporary Arts Center
Contemporary Arts Center (2001-2003, by Zaha Hadid)
We visited the Contemporary Arts Center. One exhibit, No Two Alike, featured photographs by Karl Blossfeldt of plant details, from  1929 London exhibition.
Photo by Karl Blossfeldt (KSS)
Photo by Karl Blossfeldt (remember the
lamp in the Netherland Plaza Hotel?) (KSS)
Another exhibit: Memory Banks by Mamma Andersson, a Swedish artist who imports images from books, magazines, stray photographs.
Painting by Mamma Andersson
The picture upon which the painting is based, however, the
items on top of the piano have been replaced by other images
Mamma Andersson also paints mirror images
that are not mirrored exactly (KSS)
Various levels of the Contemporary Arts Center (KSS)
The top floor of the Contemporary Arts Center is the UnMuseum
(sign by Michelle D'Cruz), apparently the sign changes every few years?
The UnMuseum is interactive, and the only thing you could not touch was the above sign!
Shark Girl at the Bus Stop (2012, by Casey Riordan Millard,
making her fear of sharks into something silly)
The original Shark Girl is at Canalside in Buffalo, NY.
John Weld Peck Federal Building (1964, by Potter, Tylor, Martin & Roth
in Modernism style) is not where Bert worked from 1960-1964!
Great American Insurance Tower (2008-2011,
by Gyo Obata) with a crown for the Queen City
Procter & Gamble Headquarters (1982-1985, by Kohn Pedersen Fox)
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